Antics Present 'Illuminated Manuscript' 6/7

Antics Present 'Illuminated Manuscript' 6/7

Hyperkinetic hip-hop dance meets classical epic poetry when Antics opens the summer season at the Ford with a hip-hop dance theater interpretation of the ancient Mesopotamian poem "The Epic Of Gilgamesh." Illuminated Manuscript, choreographed by Antics artistic director Amy "Catfox" Campion in collaboration with the dancers, takes place on Friday, June 7 at 8:30 pm at the Ford Theatres in Hollywood.

What if dance were like handwriting, with bodies tracing words in space and movement revealing profound truths? Through the art of street dance and multimedia theater performance, Antics blurs the lines between the past and present with their vibrant interpretation of the world's first narrative. Ten dancers portray key characters from the ancient Mesopotamian poem, bringing the tale of King Gilgamesh, who seeks to have power over all - his people, the gods, even death itself - alive on stage against an exciting backdrop of graffiti-inspired visuals and animation, and to the dynamic beat of an original soundscore.

"'Giglamesh' is one of the oldest stories in existence yet it resonates with our journey in hip-hop culture," says Campion. "Like King Gilgamesh, a street dancer's goal is to make a name for himself, to create an identity. In the end, the high walls that Gilgamesh built were his legacy. Walls are also the legacy of graffiti artists."

The company of award-winning, virtuosic hip-hop dancers, breakers, krumpers and poppers includes Gilyon "Gillatine" Brace-Wessel, Amy "Catfox" Campion, Liliana Frias, Mike "Shockwave" Hummer, Curtis "Creez" Jones, Lisa Kapchinske, John "Random1" Molina, Cyrian Reed, Amida "Shofu the Beatdown" Shofu, Garvin "Gyroe" Tran and Kirlew "Bliss" Vilbon.

Original music is by Amy "Catfox" Campion, Asa Watkins, Jay Vega, J-Alphamus and Amida "Shofu the Beatdown" Shofu; graffiti art is by Gilyon "Gillatine" Brace-Wessel; animation is by Sapphire Sandalo; and lighting design is by Jim Smith.

Arrive early to dine, wine and unwind: the theater grounds will open at 6:30 pm for picnicking (wine and beer permitted), and concessions will be available for purchase. Enjoy the music of DJ Drez who will spin records on Edison Plaza, peruse hip-hop merchandise or pose for a photo against an Antics graffiti mural.