Springsteen to Write Book Based on 'Outlaw Pete'

Springsteen to Write Book Based on 'Outlaw Pete'

It seems that The Boss is moving on from music to children's books.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Springsteen will release his first book, OUTLAW PETE, on November 4.

Based on his 2009 song of the same name, the book includes his lyrics about a baby who robs banks, accompanied of course with illustrations, which are by Frank Caruso.

Despite its childish appearance, the book is being marketed by Simon and Schuster "for readers of all ages." S&S President Jonathan Karp told the New York Times, "It's a book for anybody who loves a good Western... Obviously, the song it's based on is for adults. It has an adult sensibility, and so does the book. Outlaw Pete is a quintessentially Springsteen character, brought to life here, and like the song, it's a meditation on fate. Pete is robbing banks at a very young age, and he does a lot of things he regrets, but as the lyric says, you can't undo the things you've done."

Springsteen follows in the footsteps of fellow musicians Keith Richards, Madonna, Jimmy Buffet, and three out of four Beatles.