Jeanne Ann Off Debuts with ACID AND BRIBERY Mystery Novel

Jeanne Ann Off Debuts with ACID AND BRIBERY Mystery Novel

HENDERSON, Colo., July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Divorce, inter-racial relations, multi-ethnicity, love of horses, enjoyment of mysteries, friendships, and family, boy-girl, and employer-employee relationships are interestingly intertwined in author Jeanne Ann Off's Acid and Bribery.

When Kelsey was 11, her dad left her mother and Kelsey, penniless. Her mother had no job skills and no job. She couldn't pay the rent. When she found a job, it was cleaning horse stalls at Blue Ribbon Downs. Now, 16 years old, Kelsey works cleaning stalls and feeding horses. Her best friend, Saira, is an exercise rider at Derbyrun Downs, but she helps out Kelsey, too.

Tomar El Oro, the stakes winning three-year-old American Quarter horse stallion favored to win the race, has unexpectedly lost miserably. Having overheard a conversation that suggested bribery, Kelsey wonders if her best friend's father, jockey Eustacio Rios, was bribed to lose. While Kelsey and Saira search for clues to protect the horse, her father, who has deserted his family, arrives wanting to make amends, much to Kelsey's disgust.

Kelsey learns to accept both disappointment and success as she is caught by intrigue and personal danger, while dealing with her father's sudden new involvement in her life.

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About the Author
Jeanne Ann Off took a book writing a course from Institute of Children's Literature. This gave her professional help from writers Patricia Calvert and Teri Martini to write Acid and Bribery. Expert Kathleen Harrison edited the 240-page book. Previously her personal experience articles have been published in The Fence Post, including a feature article about the cowboys and ranch hands who worked on the cattle ranch where she grew up in Middle Park, Colorado. She is writing a second mystery novel for young adults and anyone, who enjoys mysteries, ranch and small-town life or reading novels without profanity.

Acid and Bribery
by Jeanne Ann Off
Publication Date: March 30, 2010
Paperback: $12.47; 240 pages; ISBN 978-1615799497

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Jeanne Ann Off Debuts with ACID AND BRIBERY Mystery Novel