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It's Baseball vs. Presidential Politics in New Thriller SEASON OF LIES

The Chicago Cubs become embroiled in political scandal and a terrorist conspiracy, in author Dennis Hetzel's tense new thriller "Season of Lies" (Headline Books, Inc.).

"Season of Lies" picks up where the Chicago native's award-winning, debut novel "Killing the Curse" (co-authored by Rick Robinson) left off. Now that the Cubs have finally won a world championship, their chances of building a new baseball dynasty are threatened by sinister circumstances beyond the team's control.

The story begins with Chicago playing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. A Cubs outfielder is suddenly distracted by a bright comet spewing an unusual, cross-shaped tail in the night sky, causing him to miss a fly ball. The astronomical phenomenon, seen halfway around the world, simultaneously frightens and inspires religious fanatics, setting in motion a conspiracy to bring down America's president, who has a secret past and also happens to be one of the Cubs' biggest fans.

"Season of Lies" has already garnered praise from sports and political conspiracy experts.

"Dennis Hetzel has crafted a riveting political thriller that spills over into baseball... an absorbing novel that keeps the reader on edge from start to finish," wrote Hal Bock, former Associated Press sportswriter and author of "The Last Chicago Cubs Dynasty." Andy Furman of Fox Sports Radio called "Season of Lies" "a true heart-stopper that refuses to let you put it down." Meanwhile, actor Dean Haglund ("The X-Files" and "The Truth is Out There") said, "I love this book. Baseball continues to serve as a literary metaphor, this time in an era of political conspiracy and hyper-religiosity."

The issues woven throughout "Season of Lies"-terrorism, national security, gay rights, religious extremism and hard-ball politics-seem as if they could have been ripped from today's headlines. That comes as no surprise, considering the author's journalism background.

Hetzel, a Chicago native, has worked in various editorial positions for The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), York Daily Record (Pennsylvania) and the Cincinnati Enquirer, and taught journalism at Penn State and Temple Universities. He is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association's Benjamin Franklin Award, as well as the Paul Tobenkin Award from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for leadership on race and diversity. He is currently the executive director of the Ohio News Media Association.

"I have drawn on my journalism career and passion for baseball, to write this novel," Hetzel said. "The story reveals complex relationships, but it is written in a way that is easy to read. I think most people will find the plot to be fast-moving and entertaining."

"Season of Lies" is available through, and other outlets. For more information, visit and

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