F. Paul De Mello Reveals 'Boiler Dynamics and Controls'

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Power Industry Division (POWID) is proud to offer author F. Paul de Mello's book titled " Boiler Dynamics and Controls", a course notes that serves as a complimentary service to power industry engineers and technicians interested in modeling and control of power plant boilers and components. These notes were developed by de Mello through his many years of working in this field, originally at General Electric and later with Power Technologies, Inc.

"Boiler Dynamics and Controls" covers all aspects of boiler dynamics and control. It provides considerable insight into boiler dynamics including physics, modeling, analysis and actual test results. It also provides a great historical perspective on the development of modern control and simulation methods

This contribution to the technology of modeling and control of large steam generators, both drum boilers, and once through, critical and subcritical, was largely based on de Mello's experience gained while working at the Analytical Engineering Department of the Apparatus Sales Division of the General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY, in the mid-60s, before GE's entry into the analog operational amplifier-based process control business with the GEMAC line.

While most of this information has been published before in various ISA and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) papers, it is presented in "Boiler Dynamics and Controls" as a cohesive manner to serve as a text to those involved in the important field of plant modeling and control, implemented these days with distributed digital systems. Author F. Paul de Mello is a Fellow in both ISA and IEEE and has published over 100 technical papers on power plant and power system dynamics.

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About the Author
F. Paul de Mello graduated with BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT where he was elected to Tau Beta Pi and Sigma XI. His academic experience included several test engineering and laboratory assignments with the General Electric Company (GE) between 1945 and 1948. In 1948, he joined the Rio Light and Power Company in Brazil and over several years held position of increasing technical responsibility in system planning and design studies concerning expansion of the Rio, Sao Paulo and City of Santos systems. In 1955, Mr. de Mello joined the Analytical Engineering Section of GE's Apparatus Sales Division in Schenectady. In 1959, he was assigned to specialized studies of dynamics of electrical machines, excitation control, prime-mover systems, and overall power systems. From 1961 to 1969, he conducted and guided extensive research efforts on modeling of dynamics of power systems and power plants for use in advanced boiler and plant control design studies. Mr. de Mello joined Power Technologies, Inc., at the time of its formation in August of 1969 as Principal Engineer, Dynamics and Control, and Secretary-Treasurer. He was appointed Vice President-Secretary in 1973. He was a Director of PTEL, PTI's affiliate in Brazil. From 1974 to 1976, he was project manager for PTI and PTEL in system and design studies for transmission from Itaipu, the world's largest 800 kV system, and served on the advisory Board of the Study Group for Itaipu transmission. Prior to his appointment as Principal Consultant in 1987, he was Manager of PTI's Consulting Services Department. He has three patents and authored more than 100 technical papers in IEEE, ISA, American Power Conference, World Power Conference, and other utility industry publications, and also lectured to professional society groups. He has served on the IEEE Systems Controls Subcommittee and the joint IEEE Working Group on Plant Response and also served as US representative on CIGRE Study Committees 38 and 39. He has taught dynamic and operational subjects in PTI's Power Technology Course and conducted one week courses given to over 2000 engineers worldwide on Power System Dynamics. Mr. de Mello is a Life Fellow of IEEE, a Life Fellow of ISA, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a registered Professional Engineer in New York State. He was awarded the IEEE Charles Concordia Award in 2003.

Boiler Dynamics and Controls * by F. Paul de Mello
Publication Date: November 22, 2013
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 379 pages; 978-1-4931-2554-8
e-book; $3.99; 978-1-4931-2555-5

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