BWW Book Reviews: The New Acting Bible-Penny Templeton's ACTING LIONS


While the cover of "Acting Lions: Unleash Your Craft in Today's Lightning Fast World of Film, Television and Theatre" may seem a bit esoteric, the text contained therein is not. In fact, Templeton's tome may well become "the" book for actors. Whether you're just starting out, following a particular method, or are a seasoned professional, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can aid actors in their work. And, though there's not enough space for me to fully catalog all the helpful hints (you'll want to buy the book anyway), I'll keep it brief and try to hit on some of the high points, of which there are many.

For starters, this book is fairly comprehensive, focusing on the art of acting itself, proper technique, and how you can make it work for you as a business venture. That basically covers what you'd want to learn in a very advanced acting class, after studying the craft for years. But, this text is written in a way to try and enthuse, inspire, and enlighten, making sure to include all the pitfalls that can occur, as well as how you can avoid them. In short, it's probably today's new "Acting Bible", whether you're a student of Stanislavsky, Hagen, or any other method.

As you read it aloud in your head, Templeton's energetic voice comes through loud and clear. You'll feel like you have your own acting coach, leading you on your path to getting the roles you are best suited for, and can make your own. Simply put, this is a great reference book that will grow dog-eared from repeated readings.

Highly Recommended!  


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