A LADY, HER LETTERS, OUR LEGACY Reveals Woman's Journey Towards Healing

A LADY, HER LETTERS, OUR LEGACY Reveals Woman's Journey Towards Healing


Author Aime Wren aims to give readers a painted picture of how they could find their colors and surmount their own individual suffering exceptionally well. She began writing "A Lady, Her Letters, Our Legacy" in June of 2012, two months after her friend died. This book is a testament that Wren is brave enough to tell her story and encouraged others to live life to the fullest.

Life is precious enough to strive for psychological survival and freedom. This book is a letter writing volume that looks into more than one girl's story. It offers seven colors of surmounted suffering, seven principles, and selected quotes which are placed together to form a life painting.

By adhering to seven principles learned through her own suffering, Wren strives to transform the effects of psychological trauma, to make the terrible beautiful. It is not an easy undertaking: hers is not a simple story. "A lady, Her Letters, Our Legacy" is a complex and integrated piece of art, a reflection of the human intellect, character and spirit at their most excellent. In stark contrast to her powerful purpose, Wren writes with quiet grace and humility. She develops a relaxed intimacy with her book's readers.

This book speaks the truth of years recent and past to a world that needs to listen. These words paint pain that is fresh and lingering. Meet recognizable people who have suffered in silence. Know that from their loss, their struggle, their torment we, as readers, can grow and learn from radiant hues that their tragedies beget.

The author's courage and voice shine vividly through the darkness that is overcome with light.

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About the Author
Aime Wren graduated with a Bachelor of Art's degree in English Literature. After teaching Kindergarten she immersed herself in the academic world of Fine Art. She is currently a student, studying portrait drawing and portrait painting. She is an avid rower and can be found early on summer mornings, balancing her racing shell on a glassy calm lake.

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