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Top Performing Arts Schools in Brazil

What are the top colleges for theatre in Brazil?

Brazil has a number of thriving performing arts institutions with esteemed alumni working on Broadway, touring theatre, local theatre, TV and film! Below, BroadwayWorld rounds up the top performing arts schools in Brazil. Check out the list below!

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Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul

This Institute was founded on April 22, 1908, originally under the name of "Institute of Fine Arts," (Fine Arts Institute) through the initiative of a group of intellectuals and artists led by Olinto de Oliveira. The Arts Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) today is one of the most prestigious and traditional Art schools in Brazil. For more than one hundred years, concrete actions and symbolic practices of artists and teachers linked to the Arts Institute have represented an essential part of the historical and cultural heritage of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. These activities aim to organize and promote the spread of artistic knowledge through teaching and research, and providing access to culture through Extension activities, contributing to the academic formation of new values in the artistic field, as well as the preservation of the memory and traditions of Rio Grande do Sul by encouraging students to carve new aesthetic paths.

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Rio Actors School

Acting classes for stage/theater in Rio Actors School is a great opportunity to get in brazilian stage panorama. Every year, Rio Actors School produce dozens of theater spectacles premiered in theaters, with cast of stage acting students prepared in training classes with acting exercices and rehearshals.

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Escola De Teatro

SP Escola de Teatro is a bold initiative that has been thought of since 2005 and most practically conceived since the second half of 2009. The ideas on how to organize the School started taking shape during regular meetings of various artists from theater companies and venues from a particular area of downtown São Paulo: Franklin Roosevelt Square. The square has become a reference point and center of theatrical events in São Paulo since it was revitalized in the mid-2000.

That square from now on will trigger a movement towards the education for stage arts and it has to do with the effort from the theater industry of occupying public spaces along the first decade of this XXI century.

Theater companies and groups have drawn a new geography for that area of the city. Since 2000 they have occupied venues and have made alliances with some residents and businesses. Those actions have contributed decisively to transform the interpersonal relations in an area strained by urban violence until then. There are currently at least six theaters, a bookshop and a few bars attuned to the local cultural scene.

Some of the artists who share that spirit decided to commit themselves to run the SP Escola de Teatro. During 2010, through the whole school year it will temporarily operate in an old school building located in another neighborhood of central São Paulo but the permanent location will be a building at Roosevelt Square.

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