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Charlayne Woodard--The Night Watcher

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Charlayne Woodard--The Night Watcher#1
Posted: 7/13/08 at 3:01am
The Night Watcher is written and performed by extraordinary talented Charlayne Woodard. The play takes it's audience into the soul of Ms. Woodard where emotions run high and even brilliant humor can't hide the real truth and irony of life.

This is a stupendous one woman show. It is a "page to stage" production at The La Jolla Playhouse meaning that it is a play under development. Previous page to stage plays include I Am My Own Wife and 700 Sundays. The creative team has the liberty to make modifications throughout the four week run and, in fact, the audience is invited to remain after the show to discuss aspects of the production with the creative team. That alone makes for a fascinating evening. By common agreement these productions are not reviewed by critics.

Having chosen not to have children, Ms Woodard looks at her very close relationships with her many godchildren and in so doing makes may wonderful observations of the human condition. With uncanny finesse, great humor and timing she becomes a child, a parent, a friend or herself. Sometimes questioning her motives and those of others, she takes complete control of the audience as she forges her own path to a form of redemption.

The play is directed by Robert Egan. To the extent that he has nurtured such a wonderful talent, he deserves much credit.

The set is simple and stunning.

This work moves to Seattle from here. It is well worth a visit.
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re: Charlayne Woodard--The Night Watcher#2
Posted: 7/13/08 at 3:02pm
Seeing it on Tuesday night. I'm looking forward to it. It sounds very good.