Xanadu - Tickets for Saturday!

Xanadu - Tickets for Saturday!#1
Posted: 6/10/08 at 4:41pm
Xanadu - Helen Hayes Theatre
West 44th St.
Saturday, June 14, 2008
8:00 PM

50% Off!! - Normally the tix are over $115.00

I have extra tickets to sell for June 14th at 8pm, Saturday evening show. They are really great seats and unfortunately the family I was going with can't go now. It would be $65 per ticket to cover face value and convenience fee (this is the discounted group price.)

The seats are 103,104 or seats 107-110 in Row D Mezzanine Center!

I can mail them to you at no charge or overnight them for an extra fee - My friend and I will be there as well :)