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Poppins past date ticket question

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Poppins past date ticket question#1
Posted: 5/6/08 at 10:18pm
Hopefully someone can answer this in time.

I got a ticket at TKTS for Poppins for saturday night. I wasn't feeling well and realized that it was a mistake for me to be at the theatre in the first place. I got as far as the lobby of the Mezz when I made that realization. They of course scanned my ticket to go in and when I told them I was heading to the box office they scanned my ticket because I was going out ( they always scan your ticket when your going out of the theatre like at intermission or something like that.)

I went to the box office and told them that I couldn't use the ticket and that I wanted to get information for getting a passed date ticket. Of course they gave me the card with the direct number to the theatre and I know how past date tickets work.

But, my question is this. I left the theatre at 7:15 without even going into the house. Yes, they scanned my ticket twice once when I entered and once when I was going to the box office. Because they scanned my ticket twice would this ruin my chances of getting a passed date ticket. My gut is telling me that it wouldn't because I have used a past date ticket with Poppins before and I know that all they do is look at the ticket to make sure it is from a past performance and give you a new one. But, will there be any trouble do you think?
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re: Poppins past date ticket question#2
Posted: 5/6/08 at 10:26pm
it's disney, if they can do one thing right it's guest relations. (i can only speak for on broadway anyway) im sure you will be fine.