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Last Laugh of April 1: Unintentional Sexual-Innuendos in Lyrics

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As the last laugh for April Fool's Day 2008, and for the sake of legitimately having a potty-mouth for one day in the year (who am I kidding?)...

I remember last month, "Don't Quit Your Night Job" held a Quitty Awards ceremony for The Best Unintentional Sexual-Innuendo in a Musical Theatre Lyric

This is the only one I could remember from the evening, but add to the list!

"How still it is. How odd it is. And gawd, it is so hot!"
Sunday in the Park with George

PS: While we're at it, if you got pranked today at school or work, tell us about it!
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I'm pretty sure the Gypsy innuendo was intentional so as to show the contrast of meaning later in the show. I also believe "Berried sweetly in your yellow hair" from Sweeney Todd was also intentional.
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I cant really think of any but my sister pulled a mean prank on me today. I live in chicago and the sweeney tour will be here for my birthday and its my favorite show of all time. And though i saw it on broadway i wanted to see it but no one can afford to take me and my friend is already taking me to drowsy. So in the mail i get an envelope from the cadillac palace theatre and i open it up and there was a letter saying Dear mr rothbart. Due to your sucsess on our sweeney todd trivia test you scored the higest and won two tickets (for the date of my birthday) and the tickets were exact replicas of ticket master tickets. And then i was like wait i never took a trivia test and she starts cracking up and yells april fools and i got so mad at her! It was a great prank though. And to make the tickets she scanned my rent tickets that were old that were still in my room. It was very clever actually.
<------ Me and my friends with patti Lupone at my friends afterparty for her concert with audra mcdonald during the summer of 07.
"I am sorry but it is an unjust world and virtue is only triumphant in theatricle performances" The Mikado
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Valjean says to the Innkeeper:
I will pay in advance...

And the Innkeeper gives him a choice:

You leave my house!
Or feel the weight of my rod.

p.s. But then, before he has time to choose,
Valjean is thrown out of the inn.

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If I ever did a production on "Cinderella," I'd want to change one line during "The Prince is Giving a Ball."

Instead of:
I wish I hadn't married Sam
Pull in your little diaphragm

I'd want a woman to come out holding a baby, saying "I wish I'd used a diaphragm." re: Last Laugh of April 1: Unintentional Sexual-Innuendos in Lyrics
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When Marius realizes Eponine has been shot, right before 'A Little Fall of Rain':

"Oh GOD it's everywhere!"

Out of context? Wonderful.
"The nice thing about the rain is that it always stops... eventually."

- Eeyore
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Just read the Lyrics to "June Is Busting Out All Over". The entire song has alot of unintentional sexual-innuendos.