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Weird Oppinion thing-help?

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Weird Oppinion thing-help?#1
Posted: 2/29/08 at 3:34am
Hi guys!

ok so this is going to take a bit o' splainin'
I have been an aerosmith fan for practically my whole life. Aerosmith is the first thing I remember hearing. They have helped me through the deaths of my 2 best friends, an abusive childhood, major teasings at school from being disabled, hospital visits, anorexia...a whole wack of stuff.

so I decided that I need a tattoo of the man who is probably the reason Im still sitting here typing to you. I want to get a tattoo of steven tyler

The tattoo I want is this:

Weird Oppinion thing-help?

anyone know a good place in albany?

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re: Weird Oppinion thing-help?#2
Posted: 2/29/08 at 9:57am
Why do you want a tatoo of Carly Simon?
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