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First Play Suggestions?

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
First Play Suggestions?#1
Posted: 2/14/08 at 4:21pm
I am trying to get into non-musical Plays. I've only seen musicals and was wondering what a good first play for me would be? I was wondering what August, Dead man's cell phone & Is he Dead are about? & If they are good for a first play. My Favorite musical is Rent if that helps.

Thanks for your help and I look fordward to seeing a play
Rent The best show on Broadway. I was at the closing. BEST night of my Life. April 29th 1996-September 7th 2008 12 years of love "No Day But Today"
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re: First Play Suggestions?#2
Posted: 2/14/08 at 4:25pm
ROCK 'n' ROLL, - Every scence change is underscored by a Floyd song, or The Who, or Beach Boys number (and 'cause it's closing on March 9th) and/or IS HE DEAD? at the Lyceum - Truly, truly uproarious - It's the funniest show on B'way right now - NOVEMBER is playing second-fiddle this time around. ANy of those three would be GREAT first plays!

In truth, I just started seeing PLAYS this past year. My first B'way play was front row for Liev Schreiber in TALK RAD!O, then on-stage seating for INHERIT THE WIND at the Lyceum, then FROST/NIXON with stage legend (and TONY winner) Frank Langella, followed by JOURNEY'S END (5 days before the TONY win), August Wilson's RADIO GOLF at the Cort, DEUCE that August, and then came the plays of the '07-'08 Season (which you can see in my schedule below).
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re: First Play Suggestions?#2
Posted: 2/14/08 at 4:33pm
Unless you are a big Mary-Louise Parker fan, do not see DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE as your first play. I think it's an okay play but hardly the best introduction for people who are trying to get into plays in general.
I think CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF might be a good introduction, though of course AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is the critical darling of the season and probably your best option.
Here's a link to my comments on DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE, it'll help you get a better idea about the play.
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re: First Play Suggestions?#3
Posted: 2/14/08 at 4:41pm
Wait for "Equus".
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