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Musical Revue (Opinions, please!)

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Musical Revue (Opinions, please!)#1
Posted: 11/1/07 at 9:49pm
So, tell me if this is a good idea, a good idea gone bad, or a bad idea...
Recently, I had this brain-storm that made me smile a bit to myself. It is to write a muscal review around the plot of a well-known musical (I decided on testing this with "Annie".)
Examples: Rooster and Lily come to Miss Hannigan's orphanage, and, where they would usually sing "Easy Street", they break into "If I Were a Rich Man".
Also, definately considering expnading on the obvious romance between Grace and Daddy Warbucks, with one or two strategically placed love songs.
Even cheesy, groan-inducing songs, like Annie singing "Sandy" (of "Grease") to her canine friend.
Yeah? Neigh?
Updated On: 11/1/07 at 09:49 PM
Phyllis Rogers Stone
re: Musical Review (Opinions, please!)#2
Posted: 11/1/07 at 10:06pm
First of all, it's revue.

Second of all, what you are doing wouldn't be a review or a revue. It would be parody, at best.