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Headshots questions

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re: Headshots questions#6
Posted: 6/7/07 at 12:23am
I second the Reproductions suggestion (even though I've never actually gone there myself) and if you go to their website there is a pretty big selection of photographer stuff. I also agree with the second part of John3's statement about looking like you on a good day.

Basically I feel as though headshots should represent who you are and what you truthfully look like. You don't want to give false impressions because misrepresenting yourself causes problems for the casting director (who calls you back assuming you look like you do on your headshot) and yourself (who could potentially lose work that you'd be called back for had your headshot been accurate).

With regards to whether to get pictures with a film or theatre headshot photographer, go with theatre if you want to do theatre. They are two different worlds, basically (well, maybe not as much on the West End), and as such, there are differences in the way the headshots are taken/how you are supposed to look for either. I personally think you should have both, though, because I feel as though one shouldn't rule themselves out of one or the other/I think more money's to be had in film and industry work. Again, check out or go to the actual place to check out the book. Also, see if your friends who have graduated have any recommendations because if they have worked with a photographer, you can check out their work and hear exactly how they work.

Also, get color! And if you're doing digital you can 1) check progress on the way, 2) convert to b/w later and 3) probably take as many pictures as the time allows (while all of these are dependent on the photographer).

Finally, I'll reiterate the accuracy thing, because while you want a technically good headshot, you're selling yourself--not the photographer. So it can look cool so much as it looks like you.

Take this with a grain of salt because I'm not a successful actor or anything but I do know a certain degree of stuff and am trying to make it also as a headshot photographer myself. Good luck!

PS, Where are you located?

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