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Posted: 2/8/06 at 11:28am
Ok so I have been following the career of an amazing performer since he was like 18 or something. Anyways Im doing a search online and i see his name popped up here a few times. WHO??? ARBENDER ROBINSON. Truly one of the nicest men I know ( and I know many) and a great performer. he really care sabout his work and all the fans. One day after a show in North Carolina he sopke with my friends and I for about 2 hours.... it was funny because this wa slate at night and he had to catch an early flight to get back to NYC to have a callback for Hairspray. He also helped my friend find the right audition material and coached her ( not even knowing who she was) and now shes on a national tour. So yeah i strongly suggest that you all get to know him..he will change your life and is so full of love and admiration for everyone. NO I DONT WANT TO DATE HIM although my husband thinks I'm crazy for following him so closely. lol.... so it seems there a few others here that either like him or like his work so we should talk. Did you know he has a fan club??? It was started while he wa sin Highschool can you belive that. They will most likely be at the show Sat night....they never miss anything. They even flew to hawaii last summer to see him compete in the finals for the National Society of Arts and Letters acting competition. he was amazing and wond like 6000 dollars in total.....

So yeah just try me.....after the show say hello to him and i bet he will invest time in you.... just a great spirit. Oh he plays Gilbert in the Show the black guy in the hat and toothpick in his mouth..... so not like him in real lofe at all...but fun..... and of course hes a Seaweed Cover...
did you all check he also has a company thathelps actors get started and advance their career.... It kinda dissapeared for a bit but i heard rumours that he recently bought the company again. he had sold it to SETC for years.... its called actorcare they take "care" of actors
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re: arbender robinson#1
Posted: 2/8/06 at 11:53am
yay arbender!!!! yes i am one of the ones that brought Mr. Arbender J. Robinson up on these boards one time before...i did a show with him 2 summers ago, and now am absolutely thrilled that he is on broadway!!! He was so much fun to work with, such an amazing actor/singer/dancer but very humble as well. I love him and he has been a very kind friend to me, even though I've only known him a year and a half. And it is true- he looooooves people and is so friendly; i bet he will definitely talk to you at the stage door if you want to. I love this guy so much, nobody deserves to be on broadway more! everyone go and support him on saturday!!!
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re: arbender robinson#2
Posted: 2/8/06 at 12:08pm
I think Arbender does a good job as Gilbert as well, and YES he is a very nice guy. But did I miss something? Why is this Saturday's show so "particularly important" for him?
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re: arbender robinson#3
Posted: 2/8/06 at 12:23pm
love, Love, LOVE Arbender. There are very few men on Broadway who are as humble and talented as he is. He is the real deal. Mark my words... you will be hearing about this guy. I have not had the oppertunity to perform with this man, but we have become friends since he moved to NYC. A true GEM. I love 'em.
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Posted: 2/8/06 at 3:57pm
I love Arbender as Seaweed. I'd go as far as to say I wish he'd gotten to replace Chester instead of Tevin (not that Tevin's bad, I just like the way Arbender plays Seaweed a little better). I knew he probably wouldn't, since he didn't join the ensemble that long ago, but I still think he's great. I'm going to lotto on Saturday specifically to see him! And the few times I've talked to him he's been SUCH a nice guy too!