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NY Trip Question

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NY Trip Question#0
Posted: 1/14/06 at 11:00am
Hey guys. I am going to NYC from July 10th-July 15th. Staying at the Milford Plaza and seeing "Jersey Boys" (Center Orch Row M,) "The Color Purple" (Center Orch Row R,) and "Spamalot" (Right Orch Row F.) I am there on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I am not seeing a show that Tuesday. I was thinking of stage dooring something that night, maybe "Wicked"? The day I see "Jersey Boys," which is Wednesday, I am seeing a matinee, so I also have time to stage door something that night as well.

Anyone have any suggestions on good shows to stage door?


PS Anyone stayed at that hotel before?
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re: NY Trip Question#1
Posted: 1/14/06 at 11:39am
Yes, the Milford Plaza is a stunning hotel. As for stage dooring, Wicked's a tricky one because cast members come out of 1 of 3 possible doors, not to mention the blockage of screaming created by many a little teenage girl. Every other stage door is pretty basic and easy to get to. It really just depends on which actors you want to get autographs and photos from. :)
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re: NY Trip Question#2
Posted: 1/14/06 at 1:03pm
Everyone over at Hairspray is really nice if you want to stagedoor there.