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Need some advice for pushing a show for next season

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So...after an EXTENDED absence (miss me, all?) I'm back to beg your help!
Next season's play committee selection is coming up and I'm looking to push "Once Upon a Mattress" (no, not beacuse of the movie)
anyways, even if you HATE the show, I need your comments, opinions, suggestions, whatever.
if you hate it, tell me. if you love it, tell me.
post away.

It's as if...I never said goodbye (to the message board)
Was that a fat joke?
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the show is brilliant to me, I recall being the assistant stage manager for it a while ago and we cast a woman in the role of the minstrel and it was brilliant. It has its little cute moments and if done correctly really carry the show. I think it would be a really nice choice for an upcoming season in your theatre. The music is fun and clever and it provides endless oppurtunities to create unique dances.