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Woman In White

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Woman In White#0
Posted: 11/11/05 at 12:30am
Well, I am back (and so is Maria Friedman). I really enjoyed the show...I am a huge Lloyd Webber fan, and I think this is one of his best scores (it is more operatic in scope than pop I think). Maria Friedman was back, and in great would never know what she has gone through this past week. Michael Ball is a delight as Fosco. The projectors were a bit jarring at first, but I thought they work very well. All in all, a very enjoyable evening!
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re: Woman In White#1
Posted: 11/11/05 at 1:50am
i'm so glad maria is back and doing well! i can't wait to see this show on the 22nd.
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re: Woman In White#2
Posted: 11/11/05 at 2:31am
I too am delighted Maria is back, and ya just gotta love M. Ball!!
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re: Woman In White#3
Posted: 11/11/05 at 4:39am
I agree about the projections set. It just is far too jarring. For a rock musical perhaps it would work quite well, or something set in the future, but for a gothic, lush melodrama? It simply doesn't work at all. Everything about this musical screams LUSH. And then you have actors in beautiful victorian costumes acting around a vast empty stage in front of what appears to be a video game. Honetly, each scene opening looks the the start of a new level. I can't stand it. And what makes it worse is that I really enjoyed this musical. I think with a different set and perhaps not on a turn-table (Trevor Nunn, get off it already) this could be a FANTASTIC show. Wish Hal Prince had staged it. Phantom--now there's a lush, beautifully set musical.
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re: Woman In White#4
Posted: 11/11/05 at 11:11am
I think the sets are incredibly inventive; it certainly seems the way of the future to me. I thought it was a visual spectacle.
Micheal ball was excellent when I saw him in London; he really stole the show. I'm looking forward to seeing the show in December, because when I saw it in London Friedman was sick. I can't wait to see this!
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re: Woman In White#5
Posted: 11/11/05 at 11:57am
I'm so glad to hear Maria is back in the show and doing well! I really didn't think she could be back in such a short recovery time. It's unbelieveable to me. I continue to wish her all the best with her recovery. She must still be dealing with pain and other effects that go along with Breast Cancer surgery. She truly is a role model.
Theatreboy-I am glad to hear you liked the show! Sorry you didn't care for the sets. It really is a "love it or hate it" design. I am one of the "love it" people. I'll explain why later in a separate thread. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the show. I saw it in London and I already have my tickets for the day after opening. I can't wait!
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re: Woman In White#6
Posted: 11/11/05 at 12:06pm
For me, Angela stole the show. Glad to have Maria back. i'm sure she was in pain last night (who gets surgery and then wears a corset?!), and she pushed her way through it. Way to go!
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re: Woman In White#7
Posted: 11/11/05 at 12:33pm
I think the sets are incredibly inventive; it certainly seems the way of the future to me.

if this is the way of the can't count me OUT on going to broadway in the future.
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re: Woman In White#8
Posted: 11/11/05 at 1:14pm
I think the sets are inventive as well. The problem is, there's too much of it. It never sits still for more than a minute, and easily distracts from the performances. I blame Nunn and his horrible and lazy direction. I think he turned it into a gimmick when it could have easily been perceived as innovative.
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re: Woman In White#9
Posted: 11/11/05 at 1:17pm
the only time i really loved the projected screen sets was during the wedding scene when we are able to get two views of the looking from the front, one looking from the back. i thought that scene was excellent.
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re: Woman In White#10
Posted: 11/11/05 at 1:40pm
I pretty much hated the projections. I agree that they moved around too much. Set design shouldnt be the focus of a production, yet all I kept thinking was "Everyone, please stay put, so I dont have to think about the sets?" I found it distracting, and in some cases, unintentionally laughable (Marian spying on Fosco and Glyde.) I may also be inclined to blame the direction, and that it could work for another production, perhaps.

I didnt really like the show itself, either.
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re: Woman In White#11
Posted: 11/11/05 at 2:56pm
Hmm I liked the projections. ^__^ I thought they worked well, that's just me though.
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re: Woman In White#12
Posted: 11/11/05 at 10:28pm
Thanks, Jimmcf -- glad to hear Maria is back and doing well! Looking forward to seeing the show next Friday...