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Quiz Statistics#0
Posted: 11/23/03 at 9:35pm
Some of you have been questioning the statistics when one completes the quiz. Below is what one sees when one completes the quiz and hits the "Grade Me" button. (Assuming one selected all the correct answers.)

Your individual score and the average score of all the members who took the quiz are both displayed. Rob assures me that the calcs in themselves are correct.


Your Quiz Results !

You correctly answered 10 out of 10 questions
giving you a score of: 100%.

The average score was 54.% and this quiz has been taken by 175 people.

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Broadway Legend
re: Quiz Statistics#1
Posted: 11/23/03 at 10:43pm
i was just saying in the other thread, i looked at my answers and missed three but the personal percentage was still 55%. No big whoop.
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