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Posted: 9/28/03 at 11:58am
There were a few good articles in one of the late sections of Newsday today. But there is one thing i'm confuzed by. the first was a cute interview with Kathy Brier, talking about her hectic 16 hour days between the Soap and Hairspray. Cute.
Then there is an article about Little Shop. Here's where the strange stuff comes in.. It says it Stars Hunter Foster as Seymour, PENNY PRINGLE as Audrey and Douglas Sills as Orin. After I saw this I kept going back and looking for some reference to hairspray or something. But there was nothing. Just a strange Typo.
the last was a neat article about the set designer of Little shop and all about his other shows on Broadway, Urinetown, Take Me out and Nine (beautiful set)
Just thought I'd share.