Star Fuc**kers


Star Fuckers#0
Posted: 6/20/03 at 11:13pm
I have to say I was impressed with the raw(really raw talent) of
MR K. Star F*CKers is indeed a wacky joy ride that made me giggle so hard my sides actually ached.
It is silly but very funny. Some skits are more powerful then others. Ginger was incredible.(A THREE HOUR TOUR DE FORCE)
Think the Professor and Mary Ann.(Having a threesome)
If you want to laugh Star****ers will accomplish many goals.
Is it brain surgery. NO. Will you laugh. YES.
SIT IN THE BACK UNLESS YOU WANT FLYING CRUNCH BERRIES IN YOUR EYE. I was hit in the face with food and actually a piece of Captin Crunch hit my eye. Ouch. I am fine but if it was not funny I would have been pissed.
The Pig scene was worth pulling, Captin Crunch, Cheese Doodles and frosting out of my hair. YES MY HAIR. I had my hair done today so I was not thrilled with thrown goodies but the laugh was worth it.
Star F*CKers is not for the faint at heart. But it is a royal treat from start to finish.
Star F*CKers-
Written by and performed by John Kuntz
Directed by Carl Andress
Ohio Theatre 66 Wooster
Highlights: Piggy Pastry,Ginger
Least favorite skits: Xanadu, Julia Roberts Best Friend
Updated On: 6/20/03 at 11:13 PM