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Selling Collection of Playbill Frames and Custom Cut Mats!

Swing | Joined: 11/19/19
Selling Collection of Playbill Frames and Custom Cut Mats!

Recently redecorated and am offloading a collection of playbill frames and custom cut mats! Create an amazing playbill gallery display!! Playbills NOT included.

I have 14 total frames available. All are in great condition. Selling individually, in smaller sets, or whole collection. Discounts for buying multiples! Priced to sell, and far cheaper than frames from playbill dot com. Details are:

  • 11x14 frames: plastic frames with acrylic “glass”, matted to fit playbill and ticket. Hanging hardware built in - 8 available, $25 each
  • 8x10 frames: plastic frames with glass, matted to fit single playbill. I have removed the kickstands and added wires to the back of each for easy hanging! - 6 available, $15 each

Please note: these are custom cut mats that are intentionally designed so that they cut off as little of the playbill as possible - it takes some work to get the playbill positioned perfectly but it’s worth it!! Most pre-cut mats cut off 1/4 inch on every side, these are half that. Please NOTE: the 8x10 frames do not have the mats in them in the picture, but I have the mats and will include them with purchase.

Available for pickup in Harlem, NY, or message me to coordinate shipping.