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Theater Livestream Channels#1
Posted: 5/22/20 at 11:22am

Jeremy Wein of Play-per-view recently spoke about live streamed plays on the Three on the Aisle podcast. He pointed out that some theaters are treating these plays like a stop gap while others see it as an ongoing new method of programing.

I'm watching a lot of live streamed plays but still feel like I'm missing some interesting ones. I thought I'd start make a post to compile some channels and invite others to add to it.

The Actors Fund: Hosting live streamed play readings through, and their own site. Several of these can only be watched live. They vanish afterwards.

National Theater: Broadcasting previously filmed plays. Keeps them up for a week.

Play Per View: Their readings will be available for purchase.

Stars In The House. Seth Rudetsky is hosting daily interviews and weekly play readings with Broadway stars.

Stratford Festival: Similar set up to the National Theater