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#1BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/25/20 at 4:05pm

Book lovers, theater nerds and anyone looking for a way to (digitally) connect with people outside the walls of your own of your apartment while social distancing need look no further!

BroadwayWorld is introducing... BroadwayWorld Book Club!

We are all looking for ways remain engaged and connected to one another, and what better way to do that than reading about, and coming together to discuss, the topic that we all love most: theater.

Here's how it works!

Everyone is welcome, and all are encouraged to participate. We will be selecting theater-related books for the BroadwayWorld Book Club to read and discuss via the BroadwayWorld Message Board.

The first BroadwayWorld Book Club selection is Jennifer Ashley Tepper's The Untold Stories of Broadway Volume 1. Tepper has just released the first volume of the book for free on Kindle!

Check out the book on Amazon here:

Prompts and questions related to each chapter of the book will be posted to the BroadwayWorld Message Board weekly to encourage conversation between one another and to get the discussion going!


Opinions, questions, stories, and comments relating to the chapter at hand, and the book as a whole are all welcome!

The initial round of discussion prompts for the first chapter of The Untold Stories of Broadway, 'The Richard Rodgers Theatre', will be posted to the Message Board Monday, March 30.

The official schedule for when discussion prompts will be posted on the Message Board, and for which chapter, is as follows:


  • The Winter Garden Theatre: Monday, April 6


  • The Marquis Theatre: Monday, April 13


  • The Al Hirschfeld Theatre: Monday, April 20





  • The Lyceum Theatre: Monday, May 18


  • Final Thoughts, Outtakes: Monday, May 25

Jennifer Tepper herself will be taking part in BroadwayWorld Book Club, answering your questions and connecting with you every Monday at 12 pm via BroadwayWorld Facebook Live beginning this upcoming Monday, March 30! You can include any questions you would like to ask Tepper in the weekly post in the Message Board.

Tepper has shared:

"My publishers and I were so excited to make the first volume of my book series The Untold Stories of Broadway free on Kindle this week, so that Broadway fans could enjoy some inspiring theatre history during this challenging time. Theatre people are indefatigable and strong and so many of the stories I was lucky enough to gather from all kinds of arts professionals reflect this in extraordinary ways. I love a book club and hope Untold Stories provides some welcome moments of distraction, joy, and connectivity as we experience this terrible worldwide crisis."

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about BroadwayWorld Book Club coming soon!


Updated On: 3/25/20 at 04:05 PM

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#2BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/26/20 at 12:46am

I love this! Very excited to take part.

macbeth Profile Photo
#3BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/26/20 at 9:35am

Ditto - just got my copy!

#4BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/26/20 at 12:51pm

I've read all 3 volumes of Jennifer's books. Incredible! I can't wait for more, as well as the discussion group. 

sabrelady Profile Photo
#5BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/26/20 at 1:02pm

Lovely idea. Non- Americans tho would have to pay for the item.

#6BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/26/20 at 6:38pm

Awesome!  Looking forward to this.

uncageg Profile Photo
#7BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/28/20 at 12:04am

Didn't have the chance to read the whole book. Downloaded the free copy so must re-read the first chapter!

Just give the world Love.
Updated On: 3/28/20 at 12:04 AM

macbeth Profile Photo
#8BroadwayWorld Book Club
Posted: 3/28/20 at 11:36am

Just finished reading here - how do we join the live chat on Monday? 



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