Hillary Rollins Presents: MaryJo Mundy in “The Right to Cabaret” A monthly residency at The Gardenia Supper Club

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Hillary Rollins PresentsMaryJo Mundy in “The Right to Cabaret” A monthly residency at The Gardenia Supper Club in West Hollywood. Saturday, November 16th, 2019Tickets are $15 plus a 2-drink minimum.  

MaryJo Mundy, the highly acclaimed and beloved cabaret singer and founder of the longest running open mic at the famed Gardenia, hosts a brand-new show that celebrates and fosters musical theatre/cabaret performers while also showcasing her own remarkable talent. On the third Saturday of every month Ms. Mundy (sometimes co-hosted by partners-in crime singer Alexis Gach and singer/songwriter/producer Hillary Rollins) throws a “cabaret party” on-stage at the Gardenia along with three guest performers. Whenever possible, one of those guests will be an “emeritus” artist (someone with a long, established cabaret career who will sing but also share their wit and wisdom about a life in this specialized art form); one will be an “up and comer” (a new, young star-oftomorrow) and one will be a singer/songwriter whose original songs both contrast and compliment the classic cabaret/theatre songs presented by the rest of the line-up.

 In addition, each show features “Sing by the Seat of Your Pants” – a single song slot where a surprise guest is chosen from the audience (out of a volunteer lottery) to come up and wow the crowd with their own moment in the spotlight. (Audience members interested in participating in lottery must sign-up before the start of the show and come prepared with charts for a choice of three different tunes in their key.) 

But don’t worry – if you don’t win the lottery, or singing solo isn’t your “thing” – all audience members will have a chance to belt their heart out, share the fun, and feel the community love for cabaret when the entire room ends each evening with a rousing Broadway sing-along! 

The debut launch of this exciting, innovative new series is Saturday, November 16th and MaryJo’s guests will be the gifted and hilarious Eric Seppala, the wry and brilliant Emmy-winning writer Tracy Newman, and the legendary star of Broadway and cabaret world-wide, Karen Morrow. Joining them will be Ross Kalling on piano and Jonathan Richards on bass. 

Maryjo's current CD "The Fourth Confessional - The Songs of Laura Nyro" is available now at CD Baby.com and other digital outlets. 

Also available from Maryjo's website: www.MaryjoMundyMusic.com 

Listen to snippets of MaryJo here: https://maryjomundy.hearnow.com/the-fourteenth-confession:-songs-of-laura-nyro  

The Gardenia Supper Club. Tickets are $15 plus a 2-drink minimum. Doors open at 7pm for dinner, 9pm show (Note: New menu and chef!)  Advance reservations suggested (seating is limited): RSVP @ 323-467-7444