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TKAM seating / sound issues

TKAM seating / sound issues#1
Posted: 6/6/19 at 11:38am

Saw the matinee of TKAM yesterday, and my friend and I were having issues with the sound. I'm not sure if it was due to where we were sitting, or if others have experienced this. We had seats on the extreme right end of the front row mezz. Our sightlines were fine, but for the first 15 minutes of the show, we both struggled with hearing some of the actors, particularly Jeff Daniels, who seemed to be speaking rather fast and not enunciating well. Even when he was facing us, some of his lines were hard to decipher. Not sure if it was the combination of the slight Southern accent, or how he was mic-ed, or if the accoustics in our particular seat location was the issue, but it made for a frustrating start to the play. Some characters, like the judge, who is towards the back of the stage, we could hear perfectly fine, but Atticus sounded rather garbled and hard to understand at times during the show, even after those first 15 minutes. 

I am considering revisiting the show with another friend later this summer, and cannot afford the more expensive seats. Wondering if this was a one time problem, or if others had issues with the deciphering the lines due to projection or seat location issues?

Glad we saw the show, though I had issues with some of Sorkin's script, and was not really a fan of how the show was structured, but there were some very fine performances. Would love to see Gideon Glick walk away with that best supporting actor Tony!

TKAM seating / sound issues#2
Posted: 6/6/19 at 11:56am
I had no issues at TKAM personally, but if you are concerned you can get ear buds/headset to amplify the sound - just ask the ticket taker where to find them before going to your seat. My mom likes these for plays (you can always turn them off & not use them if you can hear just fine).
TKAM seating / sound issues#3
Posted: 6/6/19 at 12:44pm

I have no hearing issues, but sat in the last row of the mezzanine, slightly to the right, and had major trouble hearing the actors - seemed like the mics weren't loud enough or something. The people around me all had the same reaction.