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Scott Rudin lowers tickets to $50 for all his shows in March  Mar 12 2020, 12:10:13 PM

Took advantage of the offer, and assume if Bway closes, refunds will be issued. But as long as things are open, I figure it's good to support theater.

2020 BCEFA Easter Bonnet Collections  Mar 11 2020, 08:41:39 AM
Jagged Little Pill is offering signed Playbills for $40 and posters for $100. I’ll be at Hadestown later this week so can post afterwards!

Jagged Little Pill Understudies  Mar 6 2020, 11:58:22 PM
Laurel was only on Wednesday night, which she performed without a put-in, incredibly I might add. Elizabeth was back on Thursday night. Deanne Stewart was on as Frankie tonight (Friday).

The Official TDF Thread  Mar 4 2020, 08:18:06 AM

Posting about our TDF seating for The Minutes. Went last night (March 3), and we were given Row M the two end seats far house right. We showed up to the theater 10-15 minutes before the show and the will call line was down the street, not sure if it was all TDFers or not. The view was OK, but missed a few entrances and exchanges far stage left, as well as had trouble seeing much of Austin Pendleton and Blair Brown. There were a fair bit of empty seats in the back around us. It was also s

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 14 2020, 09:32:07 PM

They did sell standing room for first preview last night - I know a few folks who got those tickets. Seemed to only be house right, as I was sitting house left and there was no one in the back there. I stopped by the box office today around 3:30 to buy tickets to return later this spring, and there was a large group of people (probably around 15-20) hovering in the back area who were apparently in a standing room line. The Brooks won't sell standing room until the show is completely

Girl From The North Country - Broadway Previews  Feb 10 2020, 10:44:44 AM

I have loved the "quieter" shows like The Bands Visit, Once, and Hadestown, but saw this with a friend at The Public (who is also a big theater goer), and neither one of us enjoyed it. Didn't connect to the characters or the story. I don't know much of Bob Dylan's catalogue, and while the singing was fine, the performances didn't really do anything for me. I know a few people who saw the first preview last week and loved it, but I will not be seeing this again.<

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Jan 30 2020, 05:24:40 PM

I recently tried for SRO tickets, but was told both by security monitoring the cancellation line and by the box office that they no longer sell SRO tickets. They indicated there was a miniscule possibility that a cast member would not use access to SRO that they would sell very last minute, but that it was highly unlikely and rarely happened. I decided to wait it out, unsuccessfully - and just FYI the security guy was completely unhelpful once the process of selling cancellation tickets began

Why are Hadestown tickets so cheap this week?  Jan 26 2020, 09:23:08 AM

I believe Andre De Shields will be out of the show Wednesday (and I think also Tuesday) in preparation for his Lincoln Center concert Wednesday night. T. Oliver Reid will be on in his place.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Oct 22 2019, 11:36:14 PM
Not sure on timing these days but they are definitely very strict about the one ticket per person rule. And they keep an eye on the line and who is there, so your friend wouldn’t be able to join you ahead of other people who have been waiting, they would have to get in the back of the line whenever they showed up, receiving a ticket based on availability in order of who has been waiting the longest. Good luck!

Upcoming Waitress casting  Sep 11 2019, 12:14:31 AM

I was there tonight too, and have to echo that Alison was beyond terrific. She is absolutely worth seeing, and makes the role her own in the best way. Definitely one of my favorite Jennas. She even got a <very very deserved> partial standing ovation after SUTBM. 

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Aug 27 2019, 04:02:47 PM
For Tuesday August 27, there were five people on line at 3pm, nine by 3:30 and 11 by 3:45. At 4pm now there are 13 people. Amber Gray is out on vacation so not sure if that is impacting the line.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Aug 21 2019, 08:05:49 AM

Arrived at 9am and am tenth in line. (Wednesday August 21)


Edit: By 9:15 14 people are in line. 

Edit 2: 12 standing room tickets were sold for the matinee. 

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jul 13 2019, 03:05:25 PM
Just walked by at 3pm on Saturday 7/14 (on my way elsewhere) and the line is already 25-30 deep for the evening show.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jul 10 2019, 05:25:19 PM
Thanks! They gave out L far sides for the first two people and then C far sides for the third and fourth. For some reason the box office got super busy right around 5 so they didn’t take us in until about ten minutes later but they were efficient and the woman in charge was organized and great.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jul 10 2019, 03:56:50 PM
They asked us to move back behind the barricade by the driveway. I got here shortly after 2 so there wasn’t really a line of people trying to get in anymore. Then at 2:30 we could start the line. When it gets close to the matinee letting out they’ll move us over to under the overpass to the right of the theater (when looking directly at the entrance).

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jul 10 2019, 02:35:15 PM
Report from the rush line for the 7:30pm show Wednesday July 10 - at 2:05 they told us the line can’t officially start until 2:30. There were five of us at that time and we formed an unofficial line. So there are now about 9 of us at 2:25 with the official line about to begin. First person arrived at 1:45.

TKAM seating / sound issues  Jun 6 2019, 12:44:36 PM

I have no hearing issues, but sat in the last row of the mezzanine, slightly to the right, and had major trouble hearing the actors - seemed like the mics weren't loud enough or something. The people around me all had the same reaction.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jun 6 2019, 12:27:50 PM

BJR said: "bwayoutdoors said: "FYI re SRO yesterday (Wednesday), the first people for the 7:30PM show arrived around 1:30. The line was already up to potential ticket #14/15 by 3:30 and continued to grow after that. They ended up only sellingabout 10 SRO tickets yesterday for the evening performance, so those who arrived after 3 did not get tickets."

What time do they typically start selling the SROs? Once it's Sold Out or at a set time?

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jun 6 2019, 10:34:05 AM

FYI re SRO yesterday (Wednesday), the first people for the 7:30PM show arrived around 1:30. The line was already up to potential ticket #14/15 by 3:30 and continued to grow after that. They ended up only selling about 10 SRO tickets yesterday for the evening performance, so those who arrived after 3 did not get tickets.

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  May 8 2019, 01:05:43 PM

jwlundgren91 said: "cjmclaughlin10 said: "Great. About 10-15 mins away. Save me a spot! "

There are three in line including myself and the guy said there is one ticket left to sell before SRO.


jwlundgren91 sent you a PM

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