The Last 5 Years - important request for singers and actors

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Hello everybody, I have a big request to you. It's very important because I have last 3 DAYS to solve it.
I am 29 years old singer and musical actor from Czech Republic (Prague). I am in theatre business only few years and often I am in ensembles (RENT, The Phantom of the Opera, Tanz der Vampire, Sherlock Holmes now). Last month I got proposal from one relevant theatrical/musical person in my country that he would help me in my career little bit. And he would help to make some studio recordings of solo songs sung by me which I could use for my promo (for theatrical producers, casting agencies etc).
The only things which I need are instrumental (backing) tracks. For 2 songs (Sunset Blvd + Out there) we found and bought amazing orchestral backing tracks. The problem is with The Schmuel Song from musical The Last 5 Years. I really would like perform and record this song. It's a great combination of singing and acting and I love it. I searched whole internet for long weeks but I found only one backing track with terrible "midi sound" and in a bad key. I tried to ask on Facebook musical singer group, few weeks ago I tried write to Mr. Brown, no answer. This is a reason why I try ask and request you here now. Because the recording will be now on Thursday. The Last 5 Years - important request for singers and actors I would like to ask:
- Does anyone have recorded instrunental of this song please? From your version of the show etc? And If, is any chance how I could buy and/or get from you? (I would use it only for this one recording this song in studio and only for myself promo (no CDs, no concerts etc.).
- Or do you know where I could buy (any site, shop) please? I know only about one CD with few profi backing tracks from Brown's musicals but this song isn't in it.

On YouTube I found some recordings with this song but I don't know where from the backing instrumental tracks were. Unfortunately no chance for me make and record studio backing track in my conutry now

Thank you very much. It would be very helpful for me, this chance will not ne repeated for me.
Best Regards from Prague! jk