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plz help me hop on a stage ha

plz help me hop on a stage ha#1
Posted: 1/7/19 at 2:49pm

Hi, I'm Lottie Gibson, I'm 14... So I got bored this one time and decided to make a live cover of She Used To Be Mine and got dressed up an everything and decided i wanted to something with it... so here I am! heres the link to my twitter where I've got She Used To Be Mine and a few others like I'd Rather Be Me and Soft Place To Land , I'd be more than thrilled if you wanted to check it out... thanks!! Link to my live Broadway covers

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plz help me hop on a stage ha#2
Posted: 1/15/19 at 2:21pm

Lottie....PLEASE remove your last name from this post, it's just foolish on this or any other site - especially when you are giving other info out like your twitter.


Best of luck.


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