Dress Rehersals

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Dress Rehersals#1
Posted: 2/23/13 at 11:02pm
I saw someone posted recently a picture of the Hands on a Hardbody curtain from the dress rehearsal. I understand what the dress rehearsal is, but how do you get in to one? I know some are invite only, but those ones that are not, how do you get in? And how often is it that one is not Invited only? Just curious about this.
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Dress Rehersals#2
Posted: 2/23/13 at 11:18pm
Gypsy runs are invite only, you get invited by knowing someone or working somewhere that gets offered tickets, basically. I've heard of some shows doing contests for passes to the final dress and I've had friends luck into tickets in various ways without knowing anybody, but generally that's how it goes down.
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