Rock of Ages Military Appreciation Night

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Rock of Ages Military Appreciation Night #1
Posted: 10/3/12 at 5:32pm
I was there last night (My dad is in the Army) and I have to say that night overall was extremely enjoyable and for such a great cause. The show was actually a lot of fun and the cast was really pumped up from beginning to end! As was the audience, maybe even too pumped up. I forgot this was a show was basically almost like a rock concert. Drunk people everywhere. A lot of the people there were extremely rude as well! I remember seeing a biker gang walk in and hearing one woman dropping the f bomb way too many times to record. And we almost had a repeat of the Celia Keenan-Bolger incident. One of the audience members let their phone kept ringing throughout the most intense scene of the show and kept looking at the 15 people staring him down with this cocky grin, aware of what he was doing. It went on for about 5 minutes until a really pissed off usher told them to shut it off. The ushers were all over the place when it came towards the ending when everyone was yelling out catcalls. It got out of hand at the closing speech when someone kept yelling "camel toe." That's my take on the night. The Boots Campaign did a fantastic job putting this event together and I express enough gratitude for such a great night. That's all.