2011 Midwest Theatre Auditions

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2011 Midwest Theatre Auditions#1
Posted: 12/12/10 at 1:32pm
Will anybody be attending next February?

Has anyone attended before? If so, please share your experiences regarding your audition and callback experiences and, if applicable, the work you got out of them.
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2011 Midwest Theatre Auditions#2
Posted: 12/12/10 at 4:00pm
I got my first professional acting job out of the MWTA's during my senior year of college, and got another one when I attended again two years later. I think that almost all of the theaters there are summer stock theaters, which are a great way to get professional experience and roles on your resume when you are starting out in your career.

A couple things to keep in mind:
-They are serious about the 90 second limit. They will cut you off if you go over, and it will not make you look good. I recommend timing yourself several times and preparing an audition no longer than one minute and fifteen seconds.
-Do material that shows you at your very, very best, and will present you in a castable way. Type yourself, and present yourself as that type in both your song selection and monologue. Do not feel that you need to make them contrasting, but if you can make them genuinely conrasting and have them both really show you off, more power to you. If you don't feel that you fit a certain type, just show off your best assets (i.e. do a song that shows off your great belt and a monologue that is uniquely "you").
-If you are a girl, keep in mind that, as always, there will be tons more girls there then boys. If you only get a couple of callbacks--or even none at all--please keep in mind that this is not uncommon. Be prepared for this to be a possible outcome, but hope for the best.

Both times I went, I found everyone to be very nice and professional. Hopefully it still is.

Also, check out this site:

Good luck and feel free to PM me with any questions!