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The Ratatouille Musical is HAPPENING.- Page 4

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The Ratatouille Musical is HAPPENING.#76
Posted: 1/5/21 at 1:02pm

I love the journey and the story of how this all came together. It's a beautiful uplifting thing to happen in this time of theatre darkness and I love the collaborative element.

The end product was dumb. Ratatouille is not meant to be a broadway show. The charm of the movie is in the beauty of the animation and Paris. It's a sensory film and to put it on a stage is to showcase how weak and too absurd the story is without animation. 

At best, you got an MTI Jr. Show or maybe a theme park show. This does not have legs to go further than this stage in any big way.

But I hope people walk away from this experience excited to put this level of effort into new better work.


Updated On: 1/5/21 at 01:02 PM
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The Ratatouille Musical is HAPPENING.#77
Posted: 1/6/21 at 7:11pm

$1.5 million was raised, with over 200,000 total tickets sold in more than 138 countries.