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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#51
Posted: 5/22/19 at 8:20am

I was just about to post about Legally Blonde! Especially when they rephrase the funny ones in the movie to somehow make them... less funny ("Whoever said tangerine is the new pink was seriously disturbed!"Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work? And let's not forget the punchlines of a foreigner having a funny-sounding name. Haha.

Pretty much all of the jokes in Something Rotten fell flat for me, but the rest of the audience loved them so Idk.

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#52
Posted: 5/22/19 at 8:44am
Nothing is a more low-hanging fruit line than “She’ll be THURSDAY before ya know it” from The Addams Famiy. Also the whole “squid” thing was clearly intended to be somewhat funny, but...yeah, there’s a reason it’s not around anymore. Also, every political joke in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Finally, I was in a production of Follies recently and Phyllis’s line “we even have a chauffeur who’s articulate” is rather jarring, despite the play being set in 1971 and written in said year.
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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#53
Posted: 5/22/19 at 7:04pm

Valentina3 said: "GavestonPS said: "Valentina3 said: "InTheBathroom1 said: "First, I think everyone’s over analyzing the N2N joke a little too much.

Second, I saw Gentleman’s Guide on tour about a year ago and was surprised how much of that fell flat. Especially “Better With A Man” which now comes off as a little homophobic

It was always homophobic, on paper. Jefferson Mays has the exceptional talent of pulling it off while seeming genuine and coy.

John Rapson, who took over Mays' part for the tour, wasn't remotely up to the task. Most of his jokes fell flat. It was a shame because it was a great cast otherwise, but the play hinges on that one, needs-to-be-bravura performance. Rapson may be talented, but under the pressure of that part, he reminded me of character actors cast in non-union summer stock.

Oh I completely agree. I couldn't believe how flat that tour was. I saw it on Broadway, thought it was fun (what I'd do to sit on Bryce Pinkham's lap like Phoebe and have him look at me with those endearing eyes for even just a minute), and then it won the Tonys which was like.. yeah okay nothing better was up that year. And then I saw it on tour with Rapson and simply couldn't understand how they expected him to fill in Mays' shoes. It is almost too much to ask for.

I saw the tour with James Taylor Odom as the D'Ysquiths and was blown away by his performance. Never got a chance to see JM live, but have seen clips, and although I agree that he is just perfection as every character, I'd see James Taylor Odom again in a heartbeat.

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#54
Posted: 5/22/19 at 11:49pm

While I am a part of the minority on this board that really enjoyed BEETLEJUICE, I’m more than willing to say that the entirely of the Netherworld Song (“If I Knew Then”, I’d assume it’s called?) fell flat on its face. The song itself already feels like a placeholder so the lack of good humor in it really makes it drag—I think the only part that got an audible reaction from the audience was the Shrunken Head gag, and that’s likely because it was a reference to the film.

Frankly, that’s probably why it didn’t work: the musical has such a different energy from the film that having a scene meant to call back to the iconic waiting room moment from the movie just felt out of place.

Otherwise? It’s gotten pretty uproarious laughter from the audience both times I’ve attended.

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#55
Posted: 5/23/19 at 4:21am

runaways said: "There are several in Shrek:

"...called me a hot and tranny mess" from "Story of my Life"

The Scientologist line from "Freak Flag."

That said, I love that show.

Not nuts not about the Scientologist line either, but the hot and tranny mess is one of the most amazing rhyme schemes I’ve ever heard! Absolute brilliance!!

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#56
Posted: 5/23/19 at 4:48am
The entire “white slavery” subplot of Thoroughly Modern Millie and the characters of Ching Ho, Bun Foo, and Mrs. Meers. Every song and scene with them onstage is written and played out as a jab at Chinese culture. I hadn’t seen the show until going to the Millie 15-year reunion, but when so saw it played out, I realized how extremely dated that material is.
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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#57
Posted: 5/23/19 at 6:39am

IIRC, in the 'On The Town' libretto, one of the female leads makes an offhand rape joke which is pretty cringeworthy today, even just to read.

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Jokes In Musicals That...Just Don't Work?#58
Posted: 5/23/19 at 7:25am

Here I Am said: Not nuts about the Scientologist line either, but the hot and tranny mess is one of the most amazing rhyme schemes I’ve ever heard! Absolute brilliance!!"

I second this. David Lindsey-Abaire's lyrics (especially this one, which made an already good song even better) were one of the best parts of Shrek.


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