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Hangmen worth it?  Jan 19 2020, 02:40:00 PM
I absolutely loved it — I’m also a huge McDonagh fan. But a big takeaway I had from it was how brilliant Johnny Flynn was as Mooney. A darn shame that he’s not transferring with the Broadway production. I’m sure Dan Stevens will be great, but Johnny Flynn’s performance was stunning. I’d say $200 is indeed steep without him.

Eileen Atkins and Timothée Chalamet Will Lead 4000 MILES at The Old Vic  Dec 3 2019, 08:32:37 AM
I woke up late and have been in the queue for half an hour, without moving up in the line at all. Wonder if their server’s pooped out.

American Utopia Rush?  Nov 3 2019, 05:20:00 PM
Not sure what you ended up getting, but I went on Halloween and got balcony row D. Still a good view and a wonderful show. I think there’s another thread on here somewhere in which folks say that had mezzanine or orchestra. Seems like a mixed bag with this one.

Thanks for the heads up! Just bought LincTix for early April

The Irishman will screen at the BELASCO starting November 1st!  Oct 7 2019, 11:22:39 PM
This sounds really neat, and kind of magical. I honestly wasn’t terribly excited about this movie, but will gladly see it at the Belasco for the unique experience. If anyone finds out the exact day/time that tickets go on sale, please report back! My one problem with this is those Telecharge fees that’ll likely be slapped onto the very reasonable $15 ticket price.

American Utopia on Broadway  Oct 6 2019, 11:49:10 AM

uncageg said: "What is the running time? I know I saw it somewhere but can't remember.


Their website says 100 minutes, no intermission! Not sure what it’s running at now.

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 22 2019, 04:11:44 PM

Anyone pick up some really neat finds? I didn’t grab any rare stuff but grabbed: a couple of books from that 2 for $5 table, an Oh, Hello tuna shirt, a Something Rotten Shakespeare button, a Gary souvenir cup, and a True West shirt. I really wanted one of the lobby placards for Gary or The Band’s Visit but couldn’t drop $50 on one.

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 22 2019, 02:34:27 PM
Out of curiosity, did anyone hit the Oklahoma! table right when they opened? I got there around 11 and they had signed Playbills, posters, shirts and coozies. I overheard them saying that there were fly swatters earlier in the day. Did they have any other props/collectibles right at opening?

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 22 2019, 02:31:07 PM

Marianne2 said: "I hope the table that was trying to sell Avenue Q 15th anniversary key rings for an obscene amount of money lower the price on their merchandise. I didn't buy stuff because they wanted $40 for concession stand cups that others had for like $5-$10. It was from closed shows, but nothing really that struck me as being worth that much. The key rings were like $10-$25, if I remember right."

I think that was the same table that had Three Tall Women gla

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 14 2019, 12:06:18 PM

jo said: "Weekend prices have always been higher than weekday prices. Or are you talking of a price rise for both Weekend and Weekday shows?"

Weekdays as well. I bought a mezz row E ticket at around 8:30 for $175 including fees for a Thursday preview. I just looked and an equivalent seat for that same day is now $227 including fees.

Betrayal Seating Discussion  Aug 28 2019, 05:49:46 PM

I have a single ticket for the matinee on Saturday, September 7th that I won't be able to use after all. It's one of the $25 seats, Orchestra I20. The full post is on the Buy/Sell board. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

Betrayal Seating Discussion  Aug 16 2019, 03:52:20 PM
Just picked up orchestra I20 for a date in September at $25 — the box office attendant said it was full view but I suppose I’ll find out

(Also, if anyone is interested in attending opening night, there were still some $59 tickets available when I checked.)

Has anyone recognized actors anywhere but a show?  Jul 25 2019, 11:29:18 PM

Living in New York, you’re bound to see a ton of famous folks around. I’ve seen a few theater actors around town. I saw Will Roland off of my subway stop. A while back when Ben Platt was still playing Evan Hansen, I saw Joel Grey during intermission. I held my breath and nodded at him. Then once—this is very embarrassing—I was at my retail gig and I looked up while at the register and saw Katrina Lenk. I forgot how to talk to people and immediately went “oh my go

Moulin Rouge (pro) reviews  Jul 25 2019, 11:07:43 PM

OneNJen said: "AmNY says Tveit "has the depth of a stick figure."



Oof. I would think that review super harsh if I didn’t agree with every word of it.

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY closes July 28th  Jul 9 2019, 12:01:03 AM

Brooks0214 said: "I have some in August too. How will we get our money back for already purchasing the tickets? Never had a showclose when I had tickets for it."

If you bought them from Telecharge, you’ll get an email offering an exchange and saying your money will be automatically refunded. If you bought them at the box office, just go straight there with the tickets and they’ll refund them. Any other ticket outlet, you’ll have to contact them abou

Moulin Rouge Previews  Jul 8 2019, 11:28:51 PM


Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content



Mary-Lousie Parker to lead THE SOUND INSIDE this fall  Jun 28 2019, 11:06:39 AM
LincTix are now available for the show. Looks like they’re the dreaded Studio 54 rear mezz seats though. I think I’ll weigh other options as it gets closer.

Dave Chappelle to play the Lunt-Fontanne in  Jun 18 2019, 12:09:35 PM
Did anyone grab tickets? I got a Verified Fan presale code and went in just now to find out the cheapest ticket is $250 — absurd. I’m thinking they may have been price-gauged due to demand. I wonder what they were priced at to begin with.

Girl From The North Country - Broadway  Jun 18 2019, 11:19:06 AM
Oof, I was one of the people who really did not like this show. Glad to see a quiet, smaller musical is making its way to Broadway, though. Interested to see how the run fares.

OKLAHOMA! Previews  Jun 13 2019, 02:14:47 PM
Saw it again last night — loved it even more the second time around. What a fantastic production. The cast was ON FIRE, especially Ali Stroker. Every time she was onstage, one of the band members just looked around, nodding and grinning, as if to say “yep, she’s the real deal.”

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