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ALW's Cinderella
Started By: macbeth
18316,1107/24/21 4:16pm
Delta Variant and Broadway
Started By: Braniff Forever
1625,4057/24/21 4:08pm
Apple TV+ Series SCHMIGADOON! - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
513,9297/24/21 3:43pm
Hoping to watch THE MEN FROM THE BOYS in Los Angeles?
Started By: jayinchelsea
31,3637/24/21 2:52pm
Jordan Catalano
Billy Porter’s musical Sanctuary
Started By: silent
1337/24/21 1:05pm
DIANA Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
Started By: Jordan Levinson
165137/24/21 11:32am
Sutton Foster replaces Megan Mullally for London revival of ANYTHING GOES
Started By: jacobsnchz14
1095,7827/24/21 8:45am
Difficulty Getting Encores! Tickets?
Started By: lukeworsham
31697/24/21 8:38am
IS THIS A ROOM and DANA H will play Broadway in Rep
Started By: JBroadway
147247/24/21 2:13am
44th Kennedy Center Honorees
Started By: SoCalDirector
42947/23/21 11:26pm
George in DC
Smash the Musical: Dont Forget Me
Started By: Jjrhyne
22387/23/21 10:19pm
Flying Over Sunset
Started By: JayElle
98217/23/21 10:13pm
Harriet Craig
London - Theater Over The Holidays
Started By: VernonGersch
205597/23/21 9:48pm
Pippin on The Tonight Show in 1972
Started By: lovebwy
93757/23/21 8:58pm
Les Miserables Staged Concert on Broadway?
Started By: Dylan Smith4
72977/23/21 7:47pm
The8re phan
Caroline or Change Pre-Sale
Started By: onesongglory2
682,9297/23/21 5:41pm
Started By: Marion G
0577/23/21 3:39pm
Marion G
Bonnie & Clyde Concert Reunion
Started By: imeldasturn
155297/23/21 2:33pm
Shakespeare in the Park Returning This Summer!!!
Started By: Jordan Catalano
976,2467/23/21 12:56pm
New Disney musical WINNIE THE POOH will open at Theater Row this fall
Started By: jacobsnchz14
201,5217/23/21 11:28am
Live at the New Am
Started By: Sauja
74367/23/21 10:13am
Is there a list of the "top musical theater colleges" in the country?
Started By: massofmen
137447/23/21 7:19am
The Show Must Go On Documentary Film Premiere
Started By: TaffyDavenport
01207/22/21 11:22pm
Adrienne Warren Will Return To TINA
Started By: Jordan Catalano
189217/22/21 11:18pm
National Theatre at Home Streaming Platform
Started By: Fosse76
45277/22/21 8:37pm
On This Date: Playbill Vault
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
346817/22/21 8:16pm
Sutton Ross
The Artwork of Something Rotten! on Broadway
Started By: Sutton’s Foster Child
52937/22/21 5:38pm
Actors' Equity To Expand Membership
Started By: ggersten
421,3787/22/21 2:56pm
Stokes at Lincoln Center Tonight
Started By: Jordan Catalano
53197/22/21 12:22pm
Jordan Catalano
Started By: LimelightMike
24,2897/22/21 12:10pm
SIX - Preview Thread
Started By: orph3us
35129,7407/22/21 11:53am
Sutton Ross
Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
1,9071,777,9257/22/21 10:41am
Patti LuPone FANatic
DOUBTFIRE Title Change? Is it dropping the "MRS"?
Started By: ErmengardeStopSniveling
312,2597/22/21 10:02am
The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
1,110124,3827/22/21 3:59am
Goodbye Dolly: Carol Channing Auction
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
11047/21/21 8:58pm
Williamstown and the O’Neill workers fighting for better treatment
Started By: bwayobsessed
0887/21/21 7:18pm
The Official TDF Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
2,681721,9467/21/21 5:47pm
Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age
Started By: lovebwy
6263,5327/21/21 5:03pm
Top 20 Movie Musicals of All Time
Started By: ActorsChannel2
0707/21/21 4:15pm
Pass Over discounted tickets?
Started By: HBBrock
315387/21/21 4:08pm
Alexander Lamar
DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release
Started By: jacobsnchz14
40812,1707/21/21 3:33pm
Lena Hall Announces first live shows back!
Started By: PlayItAgain
0397/21/21 3:21pm
An American in Paris (West End) released on DVD & Blu-Ray today
Started By: phantom39
51777/21/21 2:52pm
Douglas Carter Beane’s FAIRYCAKES to Open Off-Broadway
Started By: kade.ivy
85897/21/21 1:50pm
Free Kate Baldwin Concerts at Second Stage
Started By: TaffyDavenport
23327/21/21 1:43pm
John Doyle to step down as artistic director of CSC
Started By: JBroadway
12987/21/21 1:39pm
Times Sq/Subway Safety... Where are the Canadian Mounties to Rescue Us?
Started By: JayElle
391,0947/21/21 12:25pm
Highland Guy
Just wow! Mazz Murray as Norma Sunset Boulevard / Video Footage
Started By: morosco
158937/21/21 10:51am
Broadway Musicals Theatre Trivia Quiz (1930-1979)
Started By: ActorsChannel2
0997/21/21 3:24am
Mezzanine, my theater diary app, is available now on the App Store!
Started By: benpackard
312,3587/21/21 1:45am

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