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Lauren Gienow

Based out of Stratford, Ontario, Lauren is an Occupational Therapist working in mental health by day and a BWW Contributor by night (or by matinee). Lauren enjoys daring new productions, classic plays, and everything in between. She is particularly fond of Musical Theatre but also has a soft spot for Shakespeare--which she studied at the University level. She was also formerly the Grey's Anatomy recapper for BWW TV. Lauren holds a BA in Psychology and an MSc. in Occupational Therapy. She is a strong advocate for the benefits the Arts have on mental health. As much as she loves to perform (she is an alto sax player, and spent her youth working as a mascot), she takes great pleasure in sitting back and enjoying a good performance. Lauren is very excited to share a variety of reviews, recaps and features as a contributor for Broadway World. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @whatlaurenthinx



BWW Feature:  To the Stratford Festival, with Love... PhotoBWW Feature: To the Stratford Festival, with Love...
Posted: Apr. 28, 2020

BWW Exclusive: Broadway Star and Beloved Stratford Veteran, Chilina Kennedy Talks her PhotoBWW Exclusive: Broadway Star and Beloved Stratford Veteran, Chilina Kennedy Talks her much Anticipated Return to the Stratford Festival in THE HOUSE OF MARTIN GUERRE
Posted: Oct. 27, 2019

BWW Review: Drayton Entertainment's A FEW GOOD MEN is Captivating Audiences at the St PhotoBWW Review: Drayton Entertainment's A FEW GOOD MEN is Captivating Audiences at the St. Jacob's Country Playhouse
Posted: Mar. 11, 2020

BWW Review: The Stratford Festival's OTHELLO Offers Strong Performances and a Tragic Social Commentary
May 29, 2019

The 67th season at the Stratford Festival is officially underway, and off to an exciting start after Monday's opening night performance of OTHELLO. Directed by Nigel Shawn Williams and starring Michael Blake in the titular role, this production is thought provoking and electrifying from start to finish.

BWW Exclusive: An Interview with Mamie Zwettler About the Upcoming Nationwide film Release of Stratford Festival's THE TEMPEST
April 12, 2019

Did you not get a chance to see the Stratford Festival's magical production of THE TEMPEST last season? Or maybe you did see it and are eager to get a taste of that magic again! You are in luck because the production was filmed and will be available for all to see through the Stratford Festival's Stage to Screen Series! With it's theatrical release set for Saturday, BroadwayWorld chatted with the production's Miranda, Mamie Zwettler about the experience of journeying to the magical island over and over again last season.

BWW Exclusive: SINGular Sensation is Back and Better than Ever at 120 Diner
March 18, 2019

It's not a secret that there is a vibrant musical theatre community in Toronto. From popular, award winning Mirvish productions to new musicals being developed, to up and coming musical theatre performers honing their craft at the Sheridan College Music Theatre program, there is no shortage of talent or entertainment in the GTA. For the past 7 years, SINGular Sensation has been providing music theatre performers (professional or amateur) with an opportunity to display their talent and work on their performance skills at a musical theatre open mic night. The evening, which now takes place on the third Monday of every month, is the brainchild of host Jeni Walls, a musical theatre performer and producer who was inspired to create an evening of live performances from music theatre artists of all experience levels.

BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY Offers Up a Heartbreaking Episode that Explores the Current Opioid Crisis and Urges us to Decide to Live
February 22, 2019

Based on the promos that have been airing all week, it was evident that Thursday's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY was going to be an emotional one. Although the promos were (characteristically) misleading, the episode did not disappoint. The devastating effects of addiction, as well as the complicated ways in which different people view addiction, took center stage as the doctors fought to save the lives of over 50 patients who had overdosed, including Betty/Britney.

BWW Recap: A Compelling Episode of GREY'S ANATOMY...And There Are Also Bagpipes!
February 18, 2019

If you're a fan of fun cameos, you'll be a fan of this week's Grey's Anatomy! We get 'Baby' from 'Dirty Dancing' AND we get a Hobbit! More than that though, we also get a really compelling episode that explores complicated family matters, gun violence, and having to operate on someone you hate.

BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY offers up a Big Twist a Blossoming Romance, and a Heartfelt Wedding Under the Stars. Grab the Kleenex!
February 10, 2019

After spending last week's fabulous standalone episode fully invested in Catherine Fox's surgery and Meredith's closure with her dying dad, GREY'S ANATOMY viewers had the chance to dive back into all the other storylines that have been playing out in the hallways of Grey Sloan memorial. This week's episode, entitled “Girlfriend in a Coma” delivered some delightful romance, a heartbreaking love story, and a mind blowing bombshell of a reveal. 

BWW Exclusive: George Krissa Discusses his upcoming Concert at Corks Playhouse Theatre in NOTL
January 28, 2019

Looking for some live entertainment in Niagara-on-the-Lake during these winter months as you await the new season at the Shaw Festival? Look no further than Corks Playhouse Theatre on February 9th when the fantastic George Krissa takes the stage for his 'eclectic but cohesive' concert produced by Something-Something Productions.

BWW Exclusive: Let's Do The Time Warp Again...and Again...and Again. The Cast of Stratford's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW on its Record-Breaking Run
November 11, 2018

And then there was one... The curtain has fallen on the other 11 productions of the Stratford Festival's 66th season, but THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW is still going strong. Originally set to close on Halloween, the show has been so popular with audiences that it has been extended three times throughout its run and will now close on Sunday December 2. It is officially the longest running show in the history of The Stratford Festival. BWW chatted with several cast members via email and they all expressed gratitude and excitement about the show being extended yet again.

BWW Exclusive: Stratford Festival Company Members take Instagram by Storm with TWO SHOW DAY Q&A
September 10, 2018

Anyone who has had the chance to see a musical at the Stratford Festival will know just how talented each and every company member is. Both of this season's musicals boast true triple threats in their casts-and it now appears that six of them are in fact quadruple threats. In addition to the singing, dancing and acting, a group of inspired young performers may have just have added 'Social Media Influencer' to their repertoires. Six performers who share a dressing room for THE MUSIC MAN at the Festival Theatre have started a backstage revolution that has taken Instagram and the Stratford Festival by storm. Colton Curtis, Eric Abel, Devon Michael Brown, Henry Firmston, Jason Sermonia, and Gabriel Antonacci (whom I have listed last because that seems to be a trend) can be seen each week during their TWO SHOW DAY Q & A that is posted on Curtis' Instagram story (@coltonccurtis). Using the 'Questions' sticker, these imaginative actors make hilarious videos to answer a variety of questions-and they do it all from backstage during one of their shows guessed it...two show days.

BWW Review: The Stratford Festival's PARADISE LOST Will Be The Apple of your Eye
September 7, 2018

There is a buzz about the Stratford Festival's production of PARADISE LOST that is so intriguing that a ticket is about as tempting as forbidden fruit. Tickets for the oft-sold out production are also a little easier to come by at the moment, as it has been extended by popular demand to October 27th. Get your tickets while you can for this mesmerizing and thought-provoking show!

BWW Review: Ron Sexsmith, INNERchamber and the Stratford Summer Music Festival present SONGS FROM DEER LIFE
August 26, 2018

Last week, the Stratford Summer Music Festival teamed with Canadian (and Stratford resident) singer-songwriter, Ron Sexsmith to present SONGS FROM DEER LIFE-an in-concert production of a musical that Sexsmith has written based on his Fairy Tale, DEER LIFE. Along with a group of talented musicians from the INNERchamber ensemble, a fantastic children's choir, and performers Barbara Fulton and Mike Nadajewski, Sexsmith put on a wonderful show filled with intriguing new music. This was the first time this music was heard by the public, but it certainly won't be the last!

BWW Review: NAPOLI MILIONARIA! At the Stratford Festival is a Beautiful and Heartbreaking Exploration of Humanity
August 24, 2018

It is rare these days that I take my seat in a theatre to watch a play that I know almost nothing about. I was almost embarrassed to admit that fact about Eduardo De Filippo's NAPOLI MILIONARIA! Which is currently being performed in repertory at the Stratford Festival's Avon Theatre. Granted, the original was in Italian and this production, directed by the Festival's Artistic Director, Antoni Cimolino, is the world premiere of the new translation by John Murrell (from a literal translation by Donato Santeramo). It was still not until I was reading the program liner notes that I knew more about this production than the brief synopsis offered on the Stratford Festival website. To my delight, I think this only enriched my experience as an audience member. The universality in a story that was written about a very specific time and place is nothing short of beautiful, and the performances have left me thinking about the play long after the final curtain.

BWW Review: You 'Will Be Satisfied' with JULIUS CAESAR at the Stratford Festival
August 17, 2018

We are in the Ides of August and the final few openings of the 66th season at the Stratford Festival have begun. Last night, JULIUS CAESAR had its opening night at the Festival Theatre. It has been nine years since this production graced the Stratford stage and this thrilling production is sure to have audiences clamouring to come see it.

BWW Review: Stratford Summer Music puts on a Fun Night of Jazz with John MacLeod's REX HOTEL ORCHESTRA
July 30, 2018

On Friday evening, BWW had the pleasure of taking in some fantastic live jazz music as part of the Stratford Summer Music Festival's cabaret series. The venue was the always-enchanting Revival House, and on stage was John MacLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra featuring vocalist Carol McCartney.

BWW Feature: THIS THING CALLED LOVE Cabaret Will Explore All Sides of Love as Part of The Forum's 'Night Music' Series at the Stratford Festival
July 25, 2018

Back for a third consecutive year as part of the 'Night Music' series with The Stratford Festival's 'Forum', is a cabaret performance by company members . THIS THING CALLED LOVE will be presented in the Festival Theatre Lobby at 7:30pm on Monday, July 30th. Steve Ross, who plays Mayor Shinn in THE MUSIC MAN and The Narrator in THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW this season at the Festival, is once again developing, and performing in this cabaret.

BWW Exclusive: Audiences and Actors alike are being Seduced by The Stratford Festival's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW
July 20, 2018

Stratford Ontario has caught ROCKY HORROR fever with the hit production at the Stratford Festival's Avon Theatre, and BWW had the chance to chat with the performers, the director, and audience members from all walks of life to find out just what magic is at work here!

BWW Review: The Stratford Festival's Spectacular Production of CORIOLANUS Must Not Be Missed
June 26, 2018

Over the years, I have had a variety of different thoughts as I walked out of a theatre at the Stratford Festival having just watched a Shakespearean production. I often reflect on how the show made me feel, or the incredible performances I just witnessed, or the creative ways the director made the production his or her own. All of those thoughts certainly crept into my mind in the hours following the opening performance of CORIOLANUS, but Friday night was the first time that I exited the theatre after seeing one of Shakespeare's works where the very first thought that crossed my mind was 'That. Was. Cool.' The second thought that crossed my mind was 'Had the Tom Patterson Theatre been available, would this production have been at the Avon?' If the answer is 'no', then thank goodness for construction because the Avon Theatre is exactly where this production needed to be and Robert Lepage is exactly the person who needed to direct it. Again…That. Was. Cool.

BWW Review: BRONTË: THE WORLD WITHOUT Explores the Genius and the Passion of Three Iconic Sisters
June 25, 2018

Thursday evening marked the world premiere of BRONTË: THE WORLD WITHOUT at the Stratford Festival's Studio Theatre. Written by Jordi Mand, and developed in the Stratford Festival's Laboratory, this piece explores the relationship between Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte, as well as the brilliance and passion for writing that each sister possessed. Director Vanessa Porteous and the small but mighty cast of Beryl Bain, Jessica B. Hill, and Andrea Rankin explore the genius, jealousy, and genuine love of writing and of each other shared by these iconic sisters.

BWW Review: Martha Henry's Performance is Magical in the Stratford Festival's Production of THE TEMPEST
June 21, 2018

As the house lights went down in Stratford's Festival Theatre on June 10th and it became clear that director Antoni Cimolino's production of THE TEMPEST was about to begin, there were loud cheers of excitement and, quite frankly, relief from the audience-many of whom had been at the theatre for what was supposed to be Opening Night of the Festival just weeks earlier. All eyes were on the 44-season Festival veteran Martha Henry, who was already on stage. The anticipation among audience members was palpable. Everyone seemed excited that she finally had this moment that had been rudely taken away from her by a bomb threat on May 28th. And then, as is the case with all good theatre…those thoughts and emotions were swept away, as the audience became immersed in the story happening before the

BWW Review: Stephen Fry's MYTHOS Trilogy at the Shaw Festival is Captivating
June 19, 2018

Audiences at the Shaw Festival are in for a treat (or three) for the next month, as Stephen Fry regales them with tales of Greek myth. He has constructed three one man shows, directed by Tim Carroll and based on his book MYTHOS which explores these myths as he has heard them and read about them over the years. His stage trilogy at the Festival Theatre is split into GODS, HEROES, and MEN. Theatregoers can choose to see some or all of these productions. The Shaw Festival indicates that it does not matter if you see the shows in order, but after watching all three, I will say that there is most definitely an established order, and I would argue that audiences who are seeing all three would get the most enjoyment out of the experience if they did watch them in such order (GODS, then HEROES, then MEN). That said, I agree that this is certainly not necessary to appreciate the grand storytelling ability of Mr. Fry.

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