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Lauren Gienow

Based out of Stratford, Ontario, Lauren is an Occupational Therapist working in mental health by day and a BWW Contributor by night (or by matinee). Lauren enjoys daring new productions, classic plays, and everything in between. She is particularly fond of Musical Theatre but also has a soft spot for Shakespeare--which she studied at the University level. She was also formerly the Grey's Anatomy recapper for BWW TV. Lauren holds a BA in Psychology and an MSc. in Occupational Therapy. She is a strong advocate for the benefits the Arts have on mental health. As much as she loves to perform (she is an alto sax player, and spent her youth working as a mascot), she takes great pleasure in sitting back and enjoying a good performance. Lauren is very excited to share a variety of reviews, recaps and features as a contributor for Broadway World. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @whatlaurenthinx



BWW Feature:  To the Stratford Festival, with Love... PhotoBWW Feature: To the Stratford Festival, with Love...
Posted: Apr. 28, 2020

BWW Exclusive: Broadway Star and Beloved Stratford Veteran, Chilina Kennedy Talks her PhotoBWW Exclusive: Broadway Star and Beloved Stratford Veteran, Chilina Kennedy Talks her much Anticipated Return to the Stratford Festival in THE HOUSE OF MARTIN GUERRE
Posted: Oct. 27, 2019

BWW Review: Drayton Entertainment's A FEW GOOD MEN is Captivating Audiences at the St PhotoBWW Review: Drayton Entertainment's A FEW GOOD MEN is Captivating Audiences at the St. Jacob's Country Playhouse
Posted: Mar. 11, 2020

BWW Review: Sharron Matthews Was ON THE LOOSE at the Stratford Summer Music Festival. And We Loved it.
July 30, 2017

On Friday evening, as part of the Stratford Summer Music Festival's cabaret series at Revival House, the incomparable Sharron Matthews hit the stage for delightful and moving show that had the audience captivated from start to finish.

BWW Review: THE VIRGIN TRIAL is an Engrossing Treat at the Stratford Festival
July 28, 2017

The second part of a trilogy of plays penned by Kate Hennig is currently engrossing audiences at the Stratford Festival's Studio Theatre. THE VIRGIN TRIAL is a companion to 2015's THE LAST WIFE, which also had its world premiere at the Studio Theatre. This play is set during Elizabeth I's teenage years, when she was the subject of a scandal involving her relationship with her uncle/step-father. Like, THE LAST WIFE, this play takes liberties in terms of historical accuracy, because, quite frankly, we don't actually know exactly what happened behind closed doors. Also like the first play, this one is from the perspective of the women. The performances are brilliant and the writing is clever and witty. This production should not be missed!

BWW Review: BAKKHAI at the Stratford Festival is Chilling and Exhilarating
July 29, 2017

This season at the Stratford Festival is the final season for the Tom Patterson Theatre as it currently stands. It will be entirely rebuilt, starting this fall. The current space is going out with a bang, however, in terms of the diverse and exciting productions that can be seen on its stage this season. Each production is excellent, but the most exciting of all may well be Jillian Keiley's production of BAKKHAI. This play may not be for everyone, but if you appreciate good, exciting, and inventive theatre, and don't blush too easily at eroticism on stage, then I highly suggest you get your tickets immediately.

The Stratford Festival Celebrates its 65th Season with a ROMEO AND JULIET Reunion!
July 13, 2017

Audience members at today's production of ROMEO AND JULIET at the Stratford Festival were in for a real treat...And some of them had no idea!  There was a delightful murmur of excitement from the crowd when Artistic Director (and 1992 Romeo) Antoni Cimolino came onstage to announce that in celebration of the Festival's 65th season, a group of former Romeos and Juliets were in attendance!

BWW Review: MADDIE'S KARAOKE BIRTHDAY PARTY at the Toronto Fringe Festival is a Party Not to be Missed!
July 10, 2017

If you are looking for an original musical to see at the Toronto Fringe Festival, look no further than MADDIE'S KARAOKE BIRTHDAY PARTY over at the Monarch Tavern. Written by Barbara Johnston and Suzy Wilde, and Directed by Byron Laviolette, this semi-immersive musical is clever and funny, and the performances are excellent. One might think based on the title that the performers would be singing popular karaoke songs, but in fact, everything is original music (either that, or I'm just really out of the loop on what music is popular with the kids these days!) Between the bountiful balloons, packed house, and pumping music, this really does feel like a party! The story also provides a touching display of the good the bad, the ugly…and the beautiful, of millennial friendships. This one shouldn't be missed!

BWW Review: CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT is a 'Must do' Experience at the Toronto Fringe Festival
July 10, 2017

If you are taking in some shows at the Toronto Fringe Festival, make sure to catch at least one performance of CONFIDENTIAL MUSICAL THEATRE PROJECT! On stage at the Al Green Theatre, this musical experience is a delightful adventure for the audience and performers alike.

BWW Review: AM I PRETTY NOW at the Toronto Fringe Festival Brings Humour and Charm to the Topic of Plastic Surgery
July 9, 2017

The Toronto Fringe Festival is in full swing and last night, this reviewer had the pleasure to take in a fun and touching production at the Al Green Theatre. AM I PRETTY NOW: A MUSICAL ROMP THROUGH PLASTIC SURGERY written and performed by Stephanie Herrera is described as 'the first plastic surgery musical'. It is poignant and funny, and relatable-even to those who have not gone under the knife. The best comedy comes from a place of vulnerability, and Herrerra does this beautifully with this autobiographical story.

BWW Review: THE CHANGELING at the Stratford Festival is Disturbing and Exhilarating
July 4, 2017

This season at the Stratford Festival has proven to be a stellar one, and Jackie Maxwell's production of Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's THE CHANGELING on the Tom Patterson Theatre stage is no exception. The questionable morals and values of the characters, and the intense relationships between certain characters leave the audience feeling uncomfortable (as was likely intended by the playwrights) but the performances by the members of the company and the overall impact of the production itself, leaves the audience feeling exhilarated.

BWW Review: This is No Hearsay, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL at the Stratford Festival is a Hit!
June 26, 2017

Stratford Festival's Artistic Director, Antoni Cimolino is directing one production this season and it is Richard Brinsley Sheridan's THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. Mounted on the Avon Theatre stage, this production boasts a fabulous company and a commentary on society that is far from outdated.

BWW Review: TREASURE ISLAND at the Stratford Festival is a Treasure Indeed
June 11, 2017

If you are planning a family trip to Stratford, Ontario in the coming months, here's something to add to your itinerary. Schulich Children's Plays' TREASURE ISLAND-currently on stage at Stratford Festival's Avon Theatre, is filled with wonder and delight and is sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

BWW Review: Stratford Festival's TIMON OF ATHENS is a Powerful Cautionary Tale
June 4, 2017

TIMON OF ATHENS opened at Stratford Festival's Tom Patterson Theatre on Friday night. It is probably one of the more relatable cautionary tales that Shakespeare has produced, which explains why the Festival continues to have it set in modern times. Director, Stephen Ouimette takes this production on for a second time, as he also directed it in Stratford in 2004. I did not have the opportunity to see his previous production, but this one is impressive.

BWW Review: A Sublime Production of ROMEO AND JULIET is on Stage at the Stratford Festival
June 2, 2017

ROMEO AND JULIET opened at the Stratford Festival on Thursday night. Director, Scott Wentworth's production takes the Festival Theatre stage by storm and is captivating from start to finish. This is the third production of ROMEO AND JULIET that this reviewer has had the privilege of seeing at the Festival, and it is without a doubt, my favourite.

BWW Review: Stratford Festival's HMS PINAFORE Hits the High Seas, High Notes, and High Marks
June 1, 2017

Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS PINAFORE is gracing the Stratford Festival stage for the first time in 25 years and only the fourth time in the history of the festival. Mounted at the Avon Theatre, directed by Lezlie Wade, and choreographed by Kerry Gage, this production possesses the perfect balance of fun, ridiculousness and sentiment. The music is gorgeous, the company is brilliant and as a whole, it is simply delightful.

BWW Review: GUYS AND DOLLS at the Stratford Festival is an Exhilarating Experience
May 31, 2017

The Stratford Festival's production of GUYS AND DOLLS opened on Tuesday night at the Festival Theatre and it is sure to be a hit. The performances, the glorious music, the set and lighting design, and the choreography all hit the right note and allow for a fantastic production to be enjoyed by all.

BWW News: Stratford Festival Receives a Provincial Grant to Rebuild the Tom Patterson Theatre
May 31, 2017

On Monday night, prior to the official opening of Stratford Festival's 65th season, it was formally announced that the Festival has received a Provincial Grant of $20 million to rebuild the Tom Patterson Theatre.

BWW Review: Stratford Festival Opens its 65th Season with a Splendid Production of TWELFTH NIGHT
May 30, 2017

The 65th season of the Stratford Festival officially opened on Monday night with a production of William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT. Director, Martha Henry has assembled a fabulous group of players and they do not disappoint. Just the thought of Geraint Wyn Davies, Tom Rooney, and Brent Carver sharing comedic scenes together had me rushing to the Festival Theatre to see this play. All three are as fantastic as one could hope for, but everyone else is equally as enchanting in their roles as well.

BWW Recap: Season 13 of GREY'S ANATOMY Comes to a Fiery Close
May 19, 2017

Well, another season of GREY'S ANATOMY is in the books. Thursday's finale, written by Stacy McKee and directed by Debbie Allen, was packed with action and emotion. We said goodbye to a series regular, and got a glimpse of what will likely be the prominent storylines to start off next season. Oh ya…There was also a huge fire in the hospital.

BWW Recap: Season's Penultimate Episode of GREY'S ANATOMY is ...Explosive!
May 12, 2017

Wow. What an episode of GREY'S ANATOMY. The penultimate episode of season 13, entitled “True Colors” went out with a literal bang and left us all waiting with baited breath to see what happens in next week's finale. The three main story-lines of the episode could have each been an episode of it's own; Owen gets life changing news about his sister Megan, Alex has found Jo's abusive husband, and Edwards finds herself and a young patient in a terrifying situation with a dangerous patient. The episode was written by William Harper and directed by Kevin McKidd.

BWW Recap: It's a Tale of Two Tumors on GREY'S ANATOMY
May 6, 2017

Thursday night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, written by Elizabeth R. Finch and directed by Zetna Fuentes, offered viewers a tale of two tumors—two very different patient cases in which the doctors want to try to remove a tumor but the patient (or patient's parents) do not want them to…for very different reasons. As the medical cases play out, we also get an update on the Arizona/Eliza romance, and the Meredith/Riggs romance (and Maggie's stance on it). We also see Edwards finally reach her boiling point with the existential crisis she has quietly having all season. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Alex is tracking down Jo's estranged, abusive husband…so that should be interesting.

BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY 'Worms' its Way Into Our Hearts and Tear Ducts
April 28, 2017

Last night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, entitled 'Don't Stop Me Now' did not disappoint. The Meredith/Riggs/Maggie story took a giant step forward when Maggie finally learned that Meredith and Riggs are a thing. Richard and Catherine finally buried the hatchet; Alex's patient, Veronica (who we first met earlier this season) returned to have her baby; and a super lovey dovey young couple named Mary and Dennis first disgusted us with their pet names for each other…and then really disgusted us with the worms that were breeding inside Mary. This episode brought the laughs, the tears, the unique medical storylines….And some super gross worms. What else could a GREY'S fan ask for???

        4        8