Amy Hanson

Amy Hanson Amy Hanson is an Edinburgh-based director and drama teacher. Her theatrical interests range from anything that shouts about politics to the cheesiest of musical theatre.



EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: THE TRAIL TO OREGON!, The Space On North BridgeEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: THE TRAIL TO OREGON!, The Space On North Bridge
Posted: Aug. 28, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: MINISTERS OF GRACE, TheSpace on the MileEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: MINISTERS OF GRACE, TheSpace on the Mile
Posted: Aug. 8, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: WE'VE GOT EACH OTHER, Pleasance DomeEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: WE'VE GOT EACH OTHER, Pleasance Dome
Posted: Aug. 3, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: THE FROGS, Theatre Bath BusEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: THE FROGS, Theatre Bath Bus
Posted: Aug. 10, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: HEAVEN BURNS, Assembly RoxyEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review: HEAVEN BURNS, Assembly Roxy
Posted: Aug. 5, 2018

Posted: Aug. 5, 2018

EDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review, RIK CARRANZA: STILL A FAN, Gilded Balloon Rose TheatreEDINBURGH 2018 - BWW Review, RIK CARRANZA: STILL A FAN, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre
Posted: Aug. 15, 2018

August 6, 2016

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Hector Hugh Munro, better known as Saki, a writer of delightfully improper short stories with all the wit of Oscar Wilde. His life and death are commemorated in a new play written by Katherine Rundell and brought to the Fringe by Atticist Productions.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: GET YOUR OWN BACK: LIVE!, Gilded Balloon, August 29 2015
August 30, 2015

Truly, playing to the Buzzfeed generation ofnostalgia fans seems to be a winning theme at the Fringe, with Get Your Own Back: Live! following in the footsteps of the likes of Knightmare Live with a live action Edinburgh show. Complete with Benson Phillips at the helm, who seems hardly changed from childhood memories, all neon shirts and wisecracks and demonstrating all the energy and charm that made him a hit first time round, this is a show Fringe goers of a certain age are flocking to experience.

August 30, 2015

You awake to find yourself in Edinburgh in August. What do you do? Well, if you're the sort of person who enjoys innovative, interactive, nerdy comedy, you go to see John Robertson's The Dark Room: Symphony of a Floating Head.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: UNDERMINED, Greenside at Royal Terrace, August 22 2015
August 24, 2015

2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the end of 1984/5 miners' strike, an event that has left a huge social legacy and provided a rich seam of material for many artistic works since, including both the film and musical versions of Billy Elliot, and Matthew Warchus' wonderful 2014 hit Pride. It's fair to say that Undermined has big boots to fill, but it certainly manages to stand tall in them.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: TITLE OF SHOW, Paradise in the Vault, August 22 2015
August 24, 2015

Probably the most meta-theatrical musical ever made, Title of Show, or [title of show] as it is often represented, tells the story of its own creation. Two friends want to enter the New York Musical Theatre Festival, but the deadline is only three weeks away, so they begin to jot down whatever they say, rope in a couple of actress friends, and set out to achieve their Broadway dream. In other words, it's a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: TONY'S LAST TAPE, Pleasance Courtyard, August 22 2015
August 24, 2015

Tony's Last Tape, by Andy Barrett, takes style and situation from Krapp's Last Tape, and reinvents it by replacing its protagonist with the late great left-wing legend Tony Benn. One might be justified in imagining that the Edinburgh Fringe is the only place you could expect to see a show melding Samuel Beckett to the life of a veteran (what they call socialists when they're old and dead according to the central character) Labour MP, but the Nottingham Playhouse production has already had successful runs in both Nottingham and London before arriving in Edinburgh this August.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: KEVIN MCMAHON - QUANTUM MAGIC, Gilded Balloon, August 15 2015
August 16, 2015

After a TV appearance on Faking It where he learned the magician's craft from the likes of Penn and Teller, Kevin McMahon abandoned his career as a scientific researcher to astound and amaze the public with spellbinding illusions. Now, his former occupation is making a comeback in his Fringe show Quantum Magic, bringing together magic with maths and physics

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: WHAT WOULD SPOCK DO?, Gilded Balloon, August 15 2015
August 16, 2015

You don't have to be enough of a Trekkie to know your Romulans from your Cardassians to enjoy it, as it's a show that will resonate with anyone who has ever had a passionate appreciation for something. However, for those of us who always wanted to go where no one has gone before, What Would Spock Do? is the only logical show to see at the Fringe this year.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: BRENDON BURNS AND COLT CABANA, Stand in the Square, August 14 2015
August 15, 2015

The noted Australian comic and celebrated American indie wrestler reunite for another month of snarking at the worst of sports entertainment in the show with the longest and most literal title on the Fringe: Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana Sit in a F*cking Yurt at 11pm and Provide Comedy and Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: STEWART FRANCIS: PUN GENT, Assembly Rooms, August 14 2015
August 15, 2015

Have you noticed loud groans emanating from the area of the Assembly Rooms this month? No doubt that's down to the fabulously deadpan Stewart Francis, as seen on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo, who is bringing his painfully hilarious oneliners and shameless puns to the Fringe in his latest show, Pun Gent.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: HEY HEY 16K, Sneaky Pete's, August 13 2015
August 14, 2015

Aptly introduced by the cast as an hour of 'singing, dancing and titting about', this two man musical comedy takes it name from the viral music video hit of the pre-YouTube era, praising the many virtues of the ZX Spectrum and its ilk.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: THE BUMPER BLYTON IMPROVISED ADVENTURE, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, August 13 2015
August 14, 2015

The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure uses audience suggestions to inspire an improvised performance in the style of the English pre-war middle class adventures where a group of kids are unable to set foot outside their front door without being drawn into a range of implausible situations, while still getting home in time for tea.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: ZANNA, DON'T, C, August 11 2015
August 11, 2015

Zanna, Don't is your typical high school rom com, with a slight twist. There are all the traditional elements - quarterbacks and queen bees, cliques and crushes - but in the upside-down universe of Zanna, Don't, chess players are sex symbols, musical theatre is super cool, and gay relationships are the norm.

EDINBURGH 2015 - BWW Reviews: SHOWSTOPPER! THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL!, Pleasance Courtyard, August 9 2015
August 9, 2015

Improvisation is a tricky thing to get right on stage, but what happens when you also have to improvise full band accompaniments, a cappella harmonies and dance routines? The Showstoppers, a talented troupe of improvisers as heard on BBC Radio Four, manage to do just that in their show at the Pleasance Courtyard.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE VILLAINS, THE VOTE AND THE BLACK, BLACK OIL, Sweet Grassmarket, August 23rd 2014
August 24, 2014

A tribute and a continuation of the famous Scottish classic The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil, this new work from Caught Red-Handed is a fun and engaging trip through recent Scottish history.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, Paradise in Augustines, August 17th 2014
August 17, 2014

A fresh and funny take on the show within a show concept, The Drowsy Chaperone is a delightful treat for anyone with a fondness for showtunes. A love letter to the musical theatre form, it is full of immediately likeable tunes and marvellous jokes that draw on both a pitch-perfect parody of old time musicals and more than a dash of post-modern humour, in a combination that is as much heartwarming as it is hilarious.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: PARADE, C too, August 16th 2014
August 17, 2014

Based on a true story, Parade is the tale of Leo Frank, a New York Jewish industrialist in the American South where the legacy of the Civil War is never too far away. Frank is accused of the murder of a young girl in his factory and swiftly finds himself the victim of various agendas that see him behind bars and facing death.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: ALBA - A NEW SCOTTISH MUSICAL, theSpace@Surgeons Hall, August 16th 2014
August 17, 2014

A Stirling lad turned city trader returns home from London on the death of his father and embarks on a voyage of personal discovery in this new Scottish musical.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE GENERATION OF Z, Assembly George Square Theatre, August 4 2014
August 5, 2014

Ever imagined yourself in a zombie movie? Now's your chance to play it out for real. The Generation of Z is a fantastic immersive and interactive show, set after a zombie apocalypse.

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE PURE, THE DEAD AND THE BRILLIANT, Assembly Rooms, August 4 2014
August 5, 2014

In the Scottish independence referendum debate, the No campaign famously published 500 questions they felt had not been answered about independence, causing a twitter backlash as those favouring Yes suggested more than a few facetious questions of their own. But there was one question neither side tried to raise - what would the consequences of independence be on the fairies and mythological creatures of Scotland?