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MARISOL at Mary Moody Northen Theatre


11/14/2019 - 11/24/2019


Mary Moody Northen Theatre

3001 S. Congress Avenue
Austin,TX 78704
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$10 - $25
Phone: 512-448-8484

MARISOL in Austin

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Marisol Perez commutes from her apartment in the Bronx to her successful copy editor job with a Manhattan publisher. But something is amiss: apples are extinct, milk tastes like salt, and the moon has been missing for nine months. Abandoned by her guardian angel, Marisol ventures into the streets to find her best friend. Riveras apocalyptic urban fantasy is a cautionary tale, reminding us that rekindling our compassion for our fellow man may be the only way to save the universe. Winner of the 1993 Obie Award.Content warning: MARISOL contains strong language, stage violence and adult situations. Recommended for mature audiences.

News About MARISOL at Mary Moody Northen Theatre

BWW Review: MARISOL Explores an Unlikely Apocalypse at Mary Moody Northen Theatre in Austin, TX.
November 24, 2019

Never one to color inside the lines, St. Edward's University teams up with local award winning Director Liz Fisher for their staged production of MARISOL. Written and premiering in the early 90's, playwright José Rivera blurs the lines between Manhattan and the prophesied war of the heavens in the new millenia. Introducing the idea that a celestial being can die, God has grown old and senile, and the war to save the world ensues as threatening plagues begin to cross the Greater New York area. Spotlighting The Bronx, and its increase in crime resulting in a seriously unsafe place to live, we meet Marisol (played by Abbygail Cortinas) dodging, quite narrowly, an attack on the subway while travelling home from work. Barely managing to make it home, Marisol is visited by her guardian angel, (played by Sierra Sterling) to reveal the cause of the chaos currently infecting the world. Confusion overtakes Marisol as she wakes up after this encounter, pondering its legitimacy as she enters her Manhattan office, greeted by her best friend, June (played Taylor Hildbrand). Sharing their fear of the disappearance of the moon and everything tasting too salty to eat, they decide to travel to June's apartment in Brooklyn for reprieve and safety. While there, she is harassed by June's manic brother Lenny (played by Andrew Mueller), and yet another element of danger is introduced through his rather strange obsession with Marisol. Tensions run high as Lenny is kicked out and Marisol decides to live with June, but not before she must travel all the way back to her outlandishly dangerous neighborhood in The Bronx for her things. Buckle up for a bumpy and extremely emotional ride while Marisol, Lenny, and June each find themselves in precarious situations as the city begins to crumble on their journey to reunion.

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