Featuring five local artists and musicians diving into classic and contemporary showtunes but with a folk and bluegrass twist.

By: May. 04, 2021


Cobb County PARKS has kicked off their 2021 Drive-In Concert Series and the second performance is on the horizon. On May 15th, for two performances, UNPLUG BROADWAY hits the drive-in stage at the Cobb Civic Center parking lot.

Featuring five local artists and musicians, they will dive into classic and contemporary showtunes but with a folk and bluegrass twist. The cabaret is arranged by actor/musician, Chance Michael Wall, and will feature himself, along with Atlanta favorites Jessica De Maria, L'Oréal Roaché, Daniel Burns, and Skyler Brown.

In a time when cabarets are an easy solution for entertainment and theatres, what makes this different from your average Broadway cabaret? "The acoustic arrangements let the audience focus on the stories the songs create on their own, outside of the context of the shows they were originally written for," says Jessica De Maria. "UNPLUG BROADWAY is intimate, personal and incredibly unique. It is also so much fun to experience and be a part of because you never know quite what to expect."

Chance Michael Wall says of his show, "It was created out of my deep love for the music mixed with a curiosity of what these songs could sound like behind an acoustic guitar. I had no clue this would ever become a show the first time I played through 'Send in The Clowns' on a lunch break 4 years ago. Once I started playing for audiences, I was overwhelmed with the positive response."

For this performance, audiences can expect to see a variety of instruments not usually seen in Broadway orchestras. Banjo, autoharp, mandolin, guitar; this will hopefully entice a new set of patrons who may not think of theatre as a folk genre. The Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, the venue that cohosts these drive-in events, produced a bluegrass performance in 2019 that played to a sold-out house. There is certainly an interest in this style of music in Cobb County. UNPLUG BROADWAY performs on Saturday, May 15 at 4:00pm and 7:30pm.

Expect to hear classics from THE MUSIC MAN, CAMELOT, and INTO THE WOODS. Patrons can also expect to hear favorites from more well-known musicals such as RENT, CHICAGO, and ANNIE. "This show is meant to share these incredible songs in a fun new way. We are so excited to share our music and love with this community!" Wall concludes, "I'm so grateful I've been able to build and perform this show with beautiful, talented humans these past few years."

Saturday, May 15 at 4:00pm & 7:30pm. Tickets at www.andersontheatre.org/drive-in