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THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Plays The Shakespeare Tavern, Now thru March 2014

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company at The New American Shakespeare Tavern presents The Taming of the Shrew (in repertory with Timon of Athens, Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing), running today, January 4 through March 29, 2014.

Directed by Jeff Watkins, this tale of the fiery and highly comedic romance of Kate and Petruchio still entertains after 400+ years but the debate still stands: just who tames whom?

Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday January 12 after the show!

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW synopsis (by Drew Reeves): Lucentio and his servant, Tranio, arrive in Padua to experience the city's arts and culture. Soon after their arrival they witness Baptista Minola, a very rich man, negotiating with suitors for the hand of his youngest daughter, Bianca. Baptista will not allow Bianca to be married until his oldest daughter, Katherine, is wed, yet Katherine is considered by all to be a 'shrew', an ill-tempered woman prone to violence towards others. Baptista invites the suitors to find tutors for his daughters to help win favor. Lucentio falls in love with Bianca, and decides to disguise himself as a tutor so he can get closer to her, while Tranio will disguise himself as Lucentio to distract Baptista and negotiate a monetary agreement for the hand of Bianca.

Petruchio arrives with his servant Grumio, seeking to find a wealthy woman to wed. He goes to his good friend Hortensio, who is one of Bianca's suitors, and he tells Petruchio of Katherine. Petruchio agrees to wed Katherine, and Hortensio plans to disguise himself as a tutor so he can get closer to Bianca.

Petruchio meets Katherine and a battle of wit and strong wills ensues. He tells Baptista he will marry her, and they agree upon the dowry. Baptista then tells 'Lucentio' (the disguised Tranio) that he can marry Bianca if he can prove that his father will assure him of his inheritance. Tranio decides he has to find someone to pretend to be Lucentio's father, Vincentio.

Petruchio is late to his agreed upon wedding day, and when he finally arrives, he and his servant are dressed and behave in a very odd manner. This continues through the wedding, and he finally forcibly takes Kate away before the wedding feast.

Petruchio and Kate arrive at his house in Verona, and he begins treating his servants in the same manner Kate was earlier treating the suitors and him. For several days, he denies her food, new clothes, and behaves in a very erratic manner. He finally agrees that they will return to Padua to see her father. On the road home, Kate disagrees with Petruchio, and she finally begins to understand his behavior.

Meanwhile, back in Padua, Lucentio has revealed who he really is to Bianca, she falls for him, and they secretly marry, which they are able to do because Tranio as 'Lucentio' has brought in a fake father 'Vincentio'. The real Vincentio arrives with Kate and Petruchio, and all of the deceptions are exposed, but it is too late, Lucentio and Bianca are married.

All then gather for a wedding feast with three married couples (Hortensio has married a wealthy widow who also proves to be a 'shrew'). Petruchio bets with the other men that his wife is the most obedient, and Kate wins the bet when she delivers a speech about a woman's duty to her husband and a man's duty to his wife.

$15 General Admission. Preview January 4, 2014; Opens January 5, 2014; Continues: January 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 26; February 6, 9, 16, 21, 27; March 2, 8, 14, 20, 23, 29 (in repertory). Performance days & times: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, and Sundays at 6:30 PM. 10 AM most Tuesday and Wednesdays.

An 8% sales tax is added on top of all purchases made at The Shakespeare Tavern. Discount Ticket Options: $15 for Previews (unless otherwise noted); Student/Educator prices: $5 off per price level per night except in the Balcony on Thursdays and Sundays. Not valid on Saturday nights. $14 for 10am matinees. $3 off for Military, Seniors, Groups of 10 or more, except in the Balcony on Thursdays and Sundays. Promotional discount offers are not valid closing weekend of a performance. Purchase Tickets Online for most performances at

Accessibility and The Shakespeare Tavern: The Shakespeare Tavern is handicapped accessible. Please let the box office know if you have any special needs that we should be aware of in order to make your Shakespeare Tavern experience the very best we can. Our handicapped entrance ramp/parking is located directly behind our building. Once you turn onto Renaissance Parkway from Peachtree Street, you will turn right onto Courtland Street. The Tavern's back entrance will be immediately on your right once you clear the building on the corner and the traffic poles. The turn comes up quickly, so please drive slowly. Handicapped parking is directly in front of the ramp, behind our building.

Location: The New American Shakespeare Tavern is located at 499 Peachtree Street, NE, just four blocks south of The Fox Theater and directly across the street from Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Parking: In the evening, we recommend parking in the Emory University Hospital Midtown Parking Deck located directly across the street from the front doors of The Shakespeare Tavern on Peachtree Street. Regular parking price is $5. DO NOT park on Pine Street or in the empty parking lots on Pine Street. Your car might be booted if you park in these lots.

Food and Beverage Service: The Tavern opens one hour and fifteen minutes before the performance for food and beverage service. Chef for a Night provides a British-pub-style menu for dinner. The Tavern has a beer, wine, coffee, tea, and soft drink bar that serves Bass and Guinness on tap.

Seating and Box Office: Seating is done on a "first come, first served" basis within each designated section. Table seating is limited however all seats can accommodate food and beverages. For reservations or more information, call or email The Tavern Box Office at 404.874.5299 or or order tickets on-line at


Katherina, the shrew, daughter to Baptista - Laura Cole

Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor to Kate - Maurice Ralston*

Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua - Doug Kaye*

Bianca, daughter to Baptista - Kristin Storla

Lucentio, son to Vincentio, in love with Bianca - JoNathan Horne

Hortensio, suitor to Bianca - Paul Hester*

Gremio, suitor to Bianca - J. Tony Brown*

Vincentio, an old gentleman of Pisa - Troy Willis*

Tranio, servant to Lucentio - Joshua Diboll

Grumio, servant to Petruchio - Andrew Houchins*

Pedant - Clarke Weigle

Biondello, servant to Lucentio -Matt Felten

Widow - Clarke Weigle

Curtis, servant to Petruchio - Nicholas Faircloth

Haberdasher - Nicholas Faircloth

Tailor - J. Tony Brown*

Servants - Doug Kaye*, JoNathan Horne, J. Tony Brown, Matt Felten, Troy Willis*, Clarke Weigle, Joshua Diboll

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