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Review: COMPANY Makes Me Want Some Company

Last night, I saw the Sondheim classic, "Company." I had never seen the show, listened to the music or even researched the plot. So, when I walked into Actor's Express to see their modernized take on the classic, I had no idea what to expect other than a good show.

Let's start with the main character, Bobby, played by Lowrey Brown. Clearly the only equity actor on the stage, Brown stole the show on many levels. His presence on stage, effortless yet lanky, embodied everything that Bobby should have been. Every thought and emotion from Bobby were planned precisely to match any action and reaction on stage. I could see him think through everything that happened as we both lived through the beast that is "Company."

The cast did a great job supporting Brown through the entirety of the production, though. Personally, Rhyn Savor, a Ginnifer Goodwin look-a-like, charmed her way through the show in the best possible way. Kelly Chapin Martin oozed the desperate sex appeal of April, making me laugh uncontrollably. While the magnanimous personality of Jimmica Collins, playing Marta, made me want to be back in New York exploring every street downtown.

Overall, another solid performance by Actor's Express. And the show itself was lovely. The whole time you are surrounded by this notion of marriage and friends obnoxiously trying to set you up and, of course, divorce. At first, I thought the idea of the show was exhausting, overdone. Then I realized that was just the point of it all. The theme of the show was not abundant but rather relevant. We are constantly being asked who we are dating, and when we are getting married, and why we are single. It is lousy, and "Company" brings the topic center stage.


From This Author - Justin Adams