Watch Daveed Diggs, Michael Shannon & More in Last Night's Edition of THE 24 HOUR PLAYS: VIRAL MONOLOGUES

By: Mar. 25, 2020
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Watch Daveed Diggs, Michael Shannon & More in Last Night's Edition of THE 24 HOUR PLAYS: VIRAL MONOLOGUES

On the heels of the success of the first-ever edition, The 24 Hour Plays released a new set of Viral Monologues last night on IGTV @24hourplays and at 24 actors were paired with theatre's top writers, who crafted unique pieces especially for their actors. From 6 PM until midnight, the new monologues were published, one every 15 minutes.

Performers who joined the fold this week include Kelly AuCoin, Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Anna Baryshnikov, Nicholas Braun, Marylouise Burke, Juliana Canfield, Ty Defoe, Daveed Diggs, Ashley Fink, Noah Galvin, Clark Gregg, Damon Gupton, Ryan Haddad, Josh Hamilton, William Jackson Harper, Daniel K. Isaac, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, muMs, Coral Peña, Danny Pudi, Cristina Pitter, and Michael Shannon. Will Arbery, Clare Barron, Eric Bogosian, Bekah Brunstetter, Joseph Dougherty, Kristoffer Diaz, Sarah Gancher, Gracie Gardner, Stephen Adly Guirgis, J. Holtham, Lily Houghton, Elizabeth Irwin, Sofya Levitsky-Weitz, Aaron Wigdor Levy, David Lindsay-Abaire, Tim J. Lord, Gabe McKinley, Anya Richkind, Jonathan Marc Sherman, Charly Evon Simpson, Alena Smith and Tracey Scott Wilson wrote the monologues.

Michael Shannon led off the evening with "Flimsy Machine," in which he attempts to comfort his sick child with musings about his own youth. "Flimsy Machine" was written by Will Arbery.

Juliana Canfield is eager to share her "Favorite Episode" of The Twilight Zone, in which an old man bargains with death - and makes her wonder how she would handle her interactions with others if she were the terrifying unknown thing. "Favorite Episode" was written by Joseph Dougherty.

"Okay Hi Everyone!" says time traveler Anna Baryshnikov to her vlog following as she spends her birthday in quarantine, wondering what awaits her when the crisis is over. "Okay Hi Everyone" was written by Alena Smith.

Danny Pudi is deeply unsatisfied with his life, so he's trying a new technique he calls "Making Lemons" - regressing instead of progressing - in hopes of turning things around. "Making Lemons" was written by Elizabeth Irwin.

Ashley Fink, in "Grandma Taught Me How to Kiss," hypes herself up to meet a new love interest for the first time by sharing all of her hopes and insecurities in a video for her grandma. "Grandma Taught Me How to Kiss" was written by Bekah Brunstetter.

In "Toilet Paper Kayak," as the world is told to social distance, Dylan and Becky Ann Baker argue about whether or not Becky Ann should participate in the kayak race she has been training for over the past year. In the midst of their debate, their fears about the future bubble to the surface. "Toilet Paper Kayak" was written by Sarah Gancher.

Clark Gregg is furious about the "Injustice" that has been done to his interrupted film as a result of the global pandemic, and is determined to find a way to make the project happen anyway. "Injustice" was written by Eric Bogosian.

Josh Hamilton is "The Conversationalist," trying to stay connected to his mother after her passing by keeping the dialogue about her, and with her, alive. "The Conversationalist" was written by Jonathan Marc Sherman.

Ty Defoe is teaching "Mr. Davy's 2nd Period Advanced Theater Now on Zoom," but struggles a bit to adjust his work style to the new technology. "Mr. Davy's 2nd Period Advanced Theater Now on Zoom" was written by Anya Richkind.

In "Don't Look Back," William Jackson Harper can see the future - before it comes to pass, he has powerful words to share with someone who means the world to him. "Don't Look Back" was written by Stephen Adly Guirgis.

Via a vlog filmed by his little brother, Nicholas Braun shares his "Tips To Get Fit" while in quarantine, focusing on the most important thing to train: the mind. "Tips To Get Fit" was written by Sofya Levitsky-Weitz.

A typical actor's "Introduction" video at the beginning of The 24 Hour Plays process would only be for the internal team - but Kelly AuCoin's has been made public, and in it he shares special skills and set options while musing about his relationship with his father. "Introduction" was written by J. Holtham.

In "The Time Machine," Ryan Haddad is back at his parents' house waiting out the pandemic, but daydreams a more ideal scenario with the man he loves. "The Time Machine" was written by Tim J. Lord.

Noah Galvin is "Entertaining" tonight, and during madcap preparations reveals a host of insecurities and very specific opinions about the world. "Entertaining" was written by Gracie Gardner.

muMs's online "Paint By Numbers" class features an unusual theme today - The Ten Plagues - which he uses to work through his feelings about the madness of the current world. "Paint By Numbers" was written by Lily Houghton.

Marylouise Burke wonders what happened to the two most important figures in her life as she tries to find ways to stay connected to them in "Digging to China." "Digging to China" was written by David Lindsay-Abaire.

"A Man and His Dog" features Christopher Mintz-Plasse as someone who has lived alone with his dog since his separation with his wife, but longs for physical connection with another human being. "A Man and His Dog" was written by Clare Barron.

In "State," Gabe McKinley is a stoic football coach at Missouri State University trying to find the right words for a crucial conversation with his favorite player. "State" was written by Damon Gupton.

Coral Peña "Just Wanted To Say" something about her feelings for a friend, but is struggling to work up the courage in a hilarious and heartbreaking way. "I Just Wanted to Say..." was written by Tracey Scott Wilson.

Daniel K. Isaac is suffering from "Punch Card Blues" as he loses bits of his life, little by little, to quarantine - but it's an issue with a full punch card from North Hollywood Poké that pushes him over the edge. "Punch Card Blues" was written by Aaron Wigdor Levy.

In "Ready For Battle," Cristina Pitter is struggling to adjust after moving somewhere new, but finds comfort in holding onto one small piece of her former life."Ready For Battle" was written by Charly Evon Simpson.

Daveed Diggs closed out the evening when he "Got The Hat" left for him at the door by someone he's missing in the midst of his increasingly long and hectic shifts at a hospital. "I Got The Hat" was written by Kristoffer Diaz.

"The world changed this week and The 24 Hour Plays did too. We've always made work about the most challenging moments in our lives, from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy to the 2016 election, but writing and performing new plays in 24 hours without gathering was a singular challenge," said artistic director Mark Armstrong. "We hope that this moment offers even more people the chance to learn about our small non-profit theater organization, so that we'll be able to continue our unique artistic work for years to come."

On Monday night at 6 PM, 24 actors shared brief orientation-style videos to allow the writers to get to know them better. By 7 PM, writers and actors were paired, and writers got to work on crafting new monologues especially for their assigned actors. Actors received their monologues yesterday at 10 AM, filmed their performances throughout the day, and at 6 PM their videos began to be released to the world, completing the 24-hour cycle.

The evening was dedicated to the memory of The 24 Hour Plays alumni playwright Terrence McNally.

The 24 Hour Plays are known for their work on Broadway, off-Broadway and around the world. Since 1995, their events have brought together extraordinary artists to create time-limited theater. Past participants including Jennifer Aniston, Laverne Cox, Billy Crudup, David Cross, Rosario Dawson, Daveed Diggs, Peter Dinklage, Rachel Dratch, Jesse Eisenberg, Edie Falco, America Ferrera, Greta Gerwig, Oscar Isaac, John Krasinski, Anthony Mackie, Julianne Moore, Tracy Morgan, Cynthia Nixon, Anna Paquin, Rosie Perez, Phylicia Rashad, Chris Rock, Sam Rockwell, Liev Schreiber, Amanda Seyfried, Michael Shannon, Gabourey Sidibe, Sarah Silverman, Marisa Tomei, Naomi Watts and more!

More information for those who would like to support The 24 Hour Plays or attend a live performance in the future is available at

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