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Video Roundup: Luis Salgado, Michael Park, Drew Gasparini, and More on Laura Heywood's Broadway Shutdown Support Group

Laura Heywood is hosting a daily Broadway Shutdown Support Group!

Every day a friend from Broadway joins Heywood (also known as @BroadwayGirlNYC) on Instagram live, in a safe space for all the fears, feelings, and talk about the future. Uplifting and sometimes downright funny, the guests share their own coping techniques and the new projects they're able to create with this unexpected window of opportunity. Fans and theatre professionals alike join in the comments, reminding us that we can still commune as a theatrical family even when the theaters are closed.

The most recent guest was Luis Salgado. Other guests over the past two weeks include Michael Park, Shoba Narayan, Jessie Hooker-Bailey ad Gilbert L. Bailey II, James Harkness, Jennifer Mudge, Drew Gasparini, Javier Muñoz, Rachel Potter and more.

Check out the full playlist of videos below:

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