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VIDEO: Zachary Quinto, Robin de Jesús & Charlie Carver Talk THE BOYS IN THE BAND on TAMRON HALL

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Watch the clip from the Tamron Hall Show below! 

To mark the start of October, Tamron Hall kicked off the October 1st edition of her show by welcoming her virtual audience all dressed in pink and purple in solidarity with both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Dressed in pink and purple herself, Tamron said: "Both causes are very personal for me as I've shared with you many times...We are celebrating these amazing people in our virtual audience, many of them survivors of cancer and domestic violence. Many of you watching are survivors as well. DON'T ever believe for a second that you are alone, because you are not."

Watch the clip from the Tamron Hall Show below!

On today's show, actors Zachary Quinto, Robin de Jesús and Charlie Carver joined Tamron to discuss the upcoming Netflix adaptation of "The Boys In The Band." Quinto, Jesús and Carver also starred in the 2018 Broadway revival of the original play, marking the 50th anniversary of the original show's off-Broadway premiere.

On how the industry and our society have moved forward since the original off-Broadway premiere in 1968, Quinto said:

"Well I think a huge testament to how far we've come is the fact that the entire cast of this film, we're all openly gay, successful, thriving, integrated men. And when you consider how challenging it was for the guys who originated these roles to consider what they were sacrificing to take the risk to be a part of this project, I think that in and of itself is a huge leap forward, and one that's really encouraging and one that I think is incumbent on all of us to continue moving in that direction."

On the '10th character' represented in the project, Jesús shared:

"I think in the past this story was always made to feel as like a little less than because people felt that it was about a bunch of gay men who were self-loathing or self-hating, and I think that perspective came from not clocking that 10th person, which was society. And the society that oppressed these gay men and made them feel like they were less than and shamed them ultimately. And so oftentimes what you see in THE MOVIES is not self-hatred, so much as just young gay men trying to survive and sustain in a world that is not for them."

On the difference he sees between legislative changes and societal acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community, Carver explained:

"There's a big difference between these legislative changes that we've seen even in my lifetime. I mean I've seen the repeal of DON'T Ask, DON'T Tell, Marriage Equality passed federally. And that represents judicial changes, but then there's also changes in terms of lived acceptance and I think that's true for any minority community. We may have equality according to the state, but when will we be seen as equals and afforded the same respect and dignity and affirmation by our current community and our country at large?"

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