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VIDEO: Cher Side Story- One Icon Takes On All the Roles In An American Classic!

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It is a common knowledge among musical theatre types that Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's West Side Story is among the most enduring and beloved musicals of all-time.

Most folks might argue that it is among the most perfect musicals ever written as well, and that that sort of genius need not be improved upon for any reason. But if there were any artist in history, living or dead, who might, dare I say it, add to its genius, it's Cher. And that's just what she did in 1978 with her televised ABC event, "Cher...Special."

Taking to the screen with her legendary long black locks and a plain button down shirt, the legendary icon announces that she will be performing West Side Story...and playing all of the parts.

What follows is a 12 minute and 44 second musical theatre fever dream, as multitudes of Chers take to the screen to deliver some of the musical canon's most classic songs.

Witness as four Cher drag kings butch it up and take to the streets to throw down with the Sharks, many of them in snappy sweater vests!

Watch in awe as TonyCher delivers the classic ballad 'Maria' in the style of Sean Hayes doing an impression of Cher singing it!

Not since Lady Gaga threw on a pompadour and a blazer and called herself Jo Calerone at the VMA's have we seen such unfettered machismo as BernardoCher!

Her "I Feel Pretty" will have you wondering how you made it this far in life without hearing MariaCher, toss out the line 'such a pretty me' a full octave down in a singshout for the gods. Who needs a head voice anyway? This role is alto territory now!

Be there as SEVERAL Chers hit their counterpoint and declare a gay dream war on one another with the thrilling 'Quartet', then sit back and weep as she delivers stunningly heartfelt renditions of "Somewhere" and "I Have A Love".

In the midst of all of this, feel free to rejoice at the total lack of brownface! #WokeSideStory

This show has it all, ladies and gentlemen. It may take three Chers to play the icon on Broadway, but just one to tackle all of the parts in West Side Story. There's a place for all of us, and it is here. See Cher's epic take on the classic musical below!

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