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The Moms of Broadway
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The Moms of Broadway: Spotlight on Anna Leonowens

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As Mother's Day approaches, we've got matriarchs on our mind. Some of Broadway's most iconic characters are moms- bold and brave, loving and nurturing- and we think they deserve an ovation. We're celebrating Broadway's most beloved maternal figures.

Today we're getting to know the mother figure to many, The King and I's Anna Leonowens.

The Moms of Broadway: Spotlight on Anna Leonowens

Meet the Mom:

Outspoken and fiercely independent, Anna spreads her motherly love not only to her own child but the little royals of Siam- children of the titular king. It's not just his kids that she teaches, however. Anna uses her wit and tenacity to open his mind and enlighten him on ways to strengthen Siam's position in the modern world.

Most Motherly Musical Moments:

"Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my head erect
And whistle a happy tune
So no one will suspect
I'm afraid.
While shivering in my shoes
I strike a careless pose
And whistle a happy tune
And no one ever knows
I'm afraid.
Make believe you're brave
And the trick will take you far.
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are."

-I Whistle a Happy Tune

"Getting to know you
Getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you
Getting to know what to say
Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day by day"

-Getting to Know You

If She Was a Flower...

Anna would be a peony- charismatic, bright, and a crowd-pleaser.

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